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Most of my recent success has been in SaaS discipline working with organizations in the Business Development area and to onboard external groups such as customers, influencers, affiliates, and resellers. I have also managed and worked closely with sales and marketing teams and even been that department for some. Hands-on experience in the implementation of marketing strategies to include direct and indirect sales development. I am well-versed in digital marketing and the traditional marketing concepts of lead generation, advertising, and public relations. As an example, I am very capable of helping, evaluating and implementing a social media strategy. I have over 21,000 LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers, etc. Compare my social presence to any others you are interviewing. If the rate is the only thing that prevents you from talking to me, please let's have a conversation. You should understand everything I bring to the table. Please review my Upwork Profile and the projects below the profiles for different ways we can engage to achieve your desired outcomes. A few areas of interest: 1. Started a company with 2 file cabinets and created a 5 million dollar company in 3-years, sold it in 5-years to my largest distributor. 2. Took over a 1.6 million dollar company and left 6-years later when it was at 12 million and paid out 6 to 7-figure profits on an annual basis. 3. Worked for a SaaS company in Precision Ag that grew 3-fold in the 18 months I was associated with it in the capacity of Business Development. 4. Worked with IT Companies, E-commerce, and other Cloud-based companies. 5. Developed and implemented workflow engagements for lead generation, support platforms (like Zen Desk) and onboarding user programs. 6. Worked with a variety of Professional Services to include Information Technology, Microsoft Partners, Real Estate, Financial, Quality, Medical, and others. Have you asked yourself these questions: 1. Is the product compelling to the target customer? 2. Is it easy to use? 3. Is the product truly differentiated? Can I explain the differentiation in two minutes? 4. Who is the competition? Why will this product succeed against them? 5. If you have no competition, how will customers compare? What will they choose? 6. Are the product’s strengths consistent with what’s important to the customers? Are we positioning these strengths as aggressively as possible? 7. Is the product worth the money? Why? Can customers get it cheaper elsewhere? 8. Have you made a list of the pain points or opportunities that your product solves or provides your customers? Do you know your customers? My conversations do not center on personas, link bait, and manipulation. You don't change mindsets in an auto-responder. It is conversations about real people, moments, patterns, and opportunities. Starting this way allows the qualitative to guide the quantitative that old USA principle: Understand, Simplify, then Automate. Let me know if you have an interest in pursuing. Thanks for reading, Joe

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  • Social Media Marketing
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  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Sales Strategy
  • Product Marketing
  • Lead Generation

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