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Developer in JavaScript/Node.js and MongoDB DBA

Welcome, I am JANA, a JavaScript and Node.js developer, MongoDB Administrator, Open Source Contributor. SERVICES OFFERED--------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Writing packages and libraries in JavaScript. • MQL and Aggregation Pipeline writing for complex queries. • Consultation for MongoDB Data modelling and database administration. • Design, development and integration of APIs/webhooks from scratch. • Creating GitHub Actions and workflows. PUBLISHED NPM PACKAGES----------------------------------------------------------------- • group-objects-array • deduplicate-array • array-has-value • get-dtype-of • resolve-dotstringkey ** Links for these packages can be found from Portfolio. *** MONGODB UNIVERSITY COURSES COMPLETED------------------------------------------ • M312: Diagnostics and Debugging • M121: The MongoDB Aggregation Framework • M201: MongoDB Performance • M103: Basic Cluster Administration • M320: Data Modelling • M112: Diagnostic Thinking • M150: Authentication & Authorization • A300: Atlas Security • A131: Introduction to MongoDB Charts • M100: MongoDB for SQL Pros • M220JS: MongoDB for JavaScript Developers • M001: MongoDB Basics ** Certificates and their links can be found from Portfolio. *** EXPERIENCES------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am experienced in • writing and publishing npm packages. • writing APIs to run advanced CRUD operations using MQL and aggregation pipeline with MongoDB driver for Node.js; • administering MongoDB clusters that includes installing MongoDB; setting up configuration for stand alone/replicasets; indexing; sharding; deploying clusters; managing roles and permissions; ensuring security at network and database level; importing and exporting documents; data modeling and document validation, performance optimization. SKILLSETS------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PRIMARY • Node.js --- builtin modules, npm, nodemon, express, socket.io • MongoDB --- community and enterprise edition, mongod, mongos, mongosh, mongo, mongoimport, mongoexport, mongodump, mongorestore, MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Charts, MongoDB Realm, MQL, aggregation pipeline, JSON, BSON • RDBMS --- MySQL, SQL • Version Control System --- Git, GitHub SECONDARY • Frontend --- JS, TS, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Markdown, YAML, Angular and Angular CLI, React, JQuery, AJAX, Webpack, GraphQL • Java --- SE v.16, Maven, Andriod APIs, Kotlin • Python --- v3.9, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy • Others --- Excel VBA, Perl, PHP, C++ • Shell Commands --- CMD, PowerShell, SSH, Linux commands • VM --- Vagrant, VirtualBox • Programming Paradigm --- Object-oriented, Object-based, Event-driven and Functional HAVING KNOWLEDGE ON • Codebases --- npm, stripe-node-master, aws-sdk-js-v3, angular-master, express-master, google-api-nodejs-client-main, mongo-master, nodemain, kafka-trunk, libsignal-protocol-java-master, aarogyasetu-androidmaster • RFCs for --- HTTP 1, 2, TCP, UDP, URI, TLS, JWT, OAuth 2.0, DNS, HMAC, JSON • Cloud --- AWS, GCP, Azure, Container, Docker, Microservices, Kubernetes, serverless • OS & Hardware --- Linux kernel, computer hardware components, chip set architecture, instructions sets, electronics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You !!!
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  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Perl
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • OAuth
  • User Authentication
  • Auth0
  • OKTA
  • HubSpot
  • AWS Development
  • Google Cloud Platform