Marianne Joy P.
Cagayan de OroPhilippines
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Math Teacher & Content Creator | ChatGPT Content Writer | Data Analyst

🎓 Math Educator & Academic Leader With over nine years of rich experience in the realm of mathematics education, I have cultivated a robust teaching philosophy that marries innovation with holistic instructional techniques. My educational odyssey commenced as a zealous private tutor during my collegiate years, delivering tailored and efficacious academic reinforcement. This foundational period honed my ability to sculpt students' mastery and self-assurance in mathematics. 📚 Curriculum Developer & Content Creator Parallel to my teaching endeavors, I have flourished as a Mathematics content creator and developer. My forte lies in forging curriculum-congruent content that ignites inquisitiveness and amplifies the student learning journey. Leveraging innovative pedagogical strategies and AI technologies like ChatGPT, I have been instrumental in devising captivating educational tools. My international impact includes elevating math education standards within Australian and Singaporean enterprises, ensuring content is not only syllabus-compliant but also imbued with creativity and real-world relevance. 📊 Research Statistician & Data Analyst My passion for numbers extends into the analytical domain, where I excel as a Research Statistician and Data Analyst. This facet of my career is underpinned by a deep-seated interest in statistical narratives. My contributions to research endeavors, paired with my skill in data interpretation via cutting-edge statistical software, highlight my commitment to data-driven insights. 🌱 Lifelong Learner & Educational Innovator At the heart of my professional journey is an unwavering dedication to fostering intellectual curiosity among children. I approach education with creativity and enthusiasm, always aiming to instill a lasting appreciation for learning. As a proponent of perpetual professional growth, I am dedicated to staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies in Mathematics education and statistical analysis, ensuring that my practice reflects the pinnacle of current educational thought.

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  • AI Content Creation
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  • Teaching Mathematics
  • ChatGPT Prompt
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