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Caleb is an avid writer, speaker, explorer, techie, and philomath who always seek to enlarge his coast and give room for his wild-and-wide imaginations. He is the brain behind Sanity Over Insanity, an episodic podcast show where he stresses the importance of sanity to younglings and adults. He is also among the founders of Writer's Crib, a small writing club where young writers are mentored and abetted to sharpen their writing skills. The two places you can always find Caleb are his mini recording studio and the library because he never gets weary of absorbing knowledge recursively. One of the ways Caleb chooses to leave an impact as a leader and mouthpiece of change is by writing and publishing motivational and inspirational content on his social media spaces. He is the host of the emerging podcast, SaneProf, as he loves to call himself because he advocates for mental health and wellness. To mention a few, he is the writer of Unbreakable, Beyond The Horizon, and A Mother by Circumstance, many of which are memoirs based on his true life story and others'. Time consciousness, proactiveness, versatility, and efficacious communication skills are at the top of his values.

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  • Autobiography
  • Memoir Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Book Writing
  • Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • Email Campaign Setup

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Get started working with Sunday quickly with these predefined projects.

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