Kevin P.
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Developer | Python | AI | ChatGPT | GPT-3/4 | AWS | GCP | Automation

A developer passionate about solving problems. Specializing in AI based applications from image and text generation, text summarization, and chat bots. However, I am open to building any kind of application. I love working with small businesses that need to quickly develop and test new ideas. AI, LLM Work: 🤖 Large Language Models (LLM's) such as GPT-3, 3.5, 4, 4o, Chat GPT, 🧑‍💻 AI agents 🔗 LangChain, gpt_index/llama_index, Open AI API 💬 Chatbots 🎨 Stable Diffusion ☁️ Serverless App Architecture 🚀 Serverless GPU's (Banana Serverless Platform, Runpod) Large Language Models (LLMs) Focus: 💡 Prompt Engineering 🔍 Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) 📊 Vector/Embeddings Indexing LLM Frameworks: 🔗 Langchain 🪵 Haystack 🧑‍🏫 Instructor Other projects include: 🤖 Discord Bots that interact with YouTube API 📈 Telegram Bots that interact with Cryptocurrency Price Data feeds (Primarily Etherscan API) Languages: 🐍 Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS Web Development Frameworks: Backend: 🚀 FastAPI, Flask Frontend: ⚛️ React Cloud Platforms: ☁️ AWS (Lambda, EC2, API Gateway) ☁️ Google Cloud (Cloud run, MongoDB, ) ☁️ Lambda Labs ☁️ Linode ☁️ Digital Ocean Other skills: 🔧 Github Actions (CI/CD) 🐳 Docker
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  • API Integration
  • Web Application
  • Python Asyncio
  • Python Pillow
  • Python-Requests
  • Python Script
  • ChatGPT