Ron D.
100% Job Success

Advanced level accountant with decades of experience

I am a former executive financial officer with decades of experience handling all aspects of accounting work. Because of my years in the field, I am well adept at: • Setting up new financial systems and workflows, • All aspects of QuickBooks, such as data entry and account setup, • Getting your company's financials up-to-date and accurate, • Handling your payroll, corporate, or personal tax preparation, • Preparing payroll and payroll end-of-the-year forms for employees and contractors, • Anything your company needs that is accounting or finance related. I am well versed in all Microsoft Office products and an expert in Excel and Access software. I am also an experienced VBA coder and have worked with XML and SQL. I enjoy working closely with my clients to determine their needs and to deliver accurate, professional results, every time. My extensive time in the areas of consulting and management also benefits my clients as I can offer experienced business advice should the need arise.
Work history


  • Accounts Receivable
  • GAAP
  • Taxes
  • Accounting Software
  • Data Integration
  • Project Workflows
  • Payroll Accounting