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Fullstack JavaScript Developer - (React , Vue, Node, Nest)

👋 Hello and welcome to my Upwork profile! I'm Awais Ahmed, a highly skilled Full Stack JavaScript Developer with a proven track record of delivering exceptional web solutions for clients worldwide. With over 6 years of experience in both frontend and backend development, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your projects. Let's dive into what I bring to the table: ✔️ Full Stack Expertise: I'm proficient in both frontend and backend development, ensuring that I can tackle your project's requirements from end to end. 🌐 Frontend Magic: I have a strong background in building captivating user interfaces using React.js and Angular.js. I excel in developing microfrontends, allowing for modular and independent frontend components that enhance maintainability and scalability. 🚀 Backend Prowess: My backend development skills are powered by Node.js, Nest.js, and Next.js. Whether it's building RESTful APIs, crafting server-side applications, or creating server-rendered web applications, I've got you covered. 🌌 GraphQL Enthusiast: I'm well-versed in GraphQL, worked with federated Graphs, Super Graphs and sub Graphs. 📈 Business Process Management: I have experience in optimizing workflows and business processes, ensuring efficiency, automation, and improved productivity. 💌 Message Brokers & Queueing Systems: I specialize in designing and implementing message brokers and queueing systems. I have hands-on experience with Kafka, RabbitMQ ensuring reliable and scalable message processing. 🌟 gRPC: I've utilized gRPC to build high-performance, language-agnostic APIs, enabling efficient communication between microservices. 🗃️ Databases: My expertise extends to database management, including MySQL and MongoDB, ensuring your data is stored, retrieved, and managed effectively. 📊 Why choose me? I'm not just a developer; I'm a problem solver who takes the time to understand your business objectives. My commitment to clean, maintainable code, performance optimization, and industry best practices guarantees your projects' success. 🤝 Let's collaborate! Whether you need a frontend facelift, backend enhancements, or a complete web application, I'm eager to help you bring your vision to life. Feel free to reach out with your project details, and let's discuss how I can contribute to your success. 🌟 Check out my portfolio for a glimpse of my previous work and the positive feedback from satisfied clients. I'm excited to embark on new projects, so let's get started!

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  • Vue.js
  • API Integration
  • SQL
  • API

Get started working with Awais quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Awais quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get React Js Web Application

From $200
7 days delivery

You will get Vue Js Web Application Development

From $450
7 days delivery


Endorsements from past clients

"Awais provide excellent support and are well-verse with software programming knowledge. He took up the whole process with professional ethical and enthusiasm in communicating with customer. He also go the extra miles in making sure the program is well tested before deployment. Excellent value & quality that you must not miss working with!"

Shirley C. | CEO
Sep 2021