Anshu G.
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WordPress, Page Speed Optimization Expert (AMP, Elementor, DIVI)

🏆 200+ Jobs complete in Upwork 🏆 1500+ Hours on Upwork 🏆 12+ Year exp in Wordpress and Speed optimization 🏆 2012 (Active Freelancer in Upwork) ✅ Elementor Developer ✅ Page Speed Optimization ✅ Wp Bakery/ DIVI Developer ✅ Theme Customization ✅ Theme Development ✅ XD to WordPress ✅ Convert HTML / PHP to WordPress ✅ Frontal Technology (HTML/HTML5, PHP, CSS/CSS3, LESS, SAS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX ✅ WordPress Website Maintenance ✅ Page Speed Optimization ✅ On-Page SEO ✅ Improve Website Security ✅ WIX , Shopify and Squrespace into Wordpress Converter Are you tired of slow website loading times that result in a poor user experience and lost revenue? As a website speed optimization expert, I can help you improve your website's loading times and boost its performance. Here's what I offer: ☆Comprehensive website speed analysis to identify performance bottlenecks. ☆Optimization of images and other media files to reduce file sizes without compromising quality. ☆Caching implementation to reduce server response times and speed up page loads. ☆Optimization of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to reduce file sizes and minimize HTTP requests. ☆Database optimization to reduce server load and improve query performance. ☆Content Delivery Network (CDN) implementation to distribute content across multiple servers and improve global website accessibility. ☆Minification of files to remove unnecessary code and reduce file sizes. ☆GZIP compression implementation to reduce file sizes and improve website loading times. ☆Removal of unnecessary plugins and scripts that slow down website performance. I have extensive experience working with website speed optimization tools and techniques, such as GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom, and I can implement the best practices to optimize your website for speed and performance. Please check below steps what I usually follow for optimization. ☆ Specify image dimensions ☆ Enable gzip compression ☆ Leverage browser caching ☆ Minify CSS ☆ Optimize images ☆ Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header ☆ Avoid a character set in the meta tag ☆ Minify JavaScript ☆ Specify a cache validator ☆ Combine images using CSS sprites ☆ Avoid CSS @import ☆ Specify a character set early ☆ Avoid landing page redirects ☆ Minimize redirects ☆ Minify HTML ☆ Avoid bad requests ☆ Enable Keep-Alive ☆ Inline small CSS ☆ Inline small JavaScript ☆ Minimize request size ☆ Optimize the order of styles and scripts ☆ Put CSS in the document head ☆ Remove query strings from static resources ☆ Serve resources from a consistent URL ☆ Serve scaled images I have experience working with a variety of content management systems and web technologies, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more. Don't let slow website loading times negatively impact your business. Let me help you improve your website's speed and performance. Contact me today to get started!

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Get started working with Anshu quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Anshu quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get Duda Custom Development and Design SEO

From $180
3 days delivery

You will get Weebly custom design & Development or redesign with Weebly SEO Optimization

From $150
3 days delivery

You will get Squarespace custom design and development

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You will get Customize WP Event Manager Plugins and Iintegrating third-party app

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