Andrew L.
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I have an Associate of Arts degree and am currently in my Junior year working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. I also have several years of experience in content moderation and customer service in both remote roles through UpWork, alongside in-person positions. I have operated in several long-term paid positions on UpWork where I would work with my teams through our Slack channels. I also have many years of experience moderating platforms, assisting customers, and working on CRMs such as HubSpot, HelpDesk, HelpScout, TalkDesk, Trello, Twilio, Gleap, Zendesk, Georgias, Shopify, and Intercom. I am also currently working in a long-term, full-time customer care role, and have years of experience in customer service, from in-person positions to phone-based jobs. My roles have required me to reply to customer support tickets, make outbound calls to customers who need assistance, answer inbound calls, process refunds, set requisitions, and access an admin portal to view and edit customer information if needed. One such role is called Vital Records Online where it would be my job to ensure customers can obtain their vital records upon request. In this role, I would assist customers by answering inbound phone calls using our dialer known as Twilio and other predictive dialers, handling tickets as they came into the HelpScout CRM inbox, replying to emails and live chats, making outbound phone calls, changing information as requested in the proprietary admin panel, and helping people process refunds. I also worked in a company where we manage remote gate openers, and I would assist customers on the phone by answering inbound phone calls, changing information as requested in the proprietary admin system, answering questions regarding important product-related information, providing assistance with setting up and troubleshooting the keypads when customers experience physical issues or software related problems in the app, refunds, and other concerns when they needed assistance. My most recent role was one where I worked for a company called Function Health where members would use our service to get their biomarkers checked out via blood draw labs. These labs would be remotely scheduled and I would set a requisition for them in our system and using Quest Diagnostics. After they appeared in person and submitted to a set of labs, we would assist them in testing several hundred biomarkers to determine whether they may have a deficiency in certain departments such as low testosterone, high cholesterol, and even early cancer screening through a Grail kit. The founder, who is a licensed physician, would interpret the results alongside some of his team and we would then compile these results into a comprehensive portal for the patients to view. I would assist them via text message or instant live chat in an online portal, alter member information as required when requested, set requisitions, and make follow-up outbound phone calls when needed to assist members. My current and longest-lasting role is from a company called FishBowl by Glassdoor. FishBowl is a professional online community where professionals and everyday workers alike can reach out to each other and make online forum posts. It is like a combination of LinkedIn and Reddit, and it fosters many intriguing and professional discussions from people worldwide. I operate as a content moderator, and curate content throughout the different bowls to ensure nobody posts anything that would otherwise violate our rules or terms of service. It is paramount to make sure that everyone feels safe and can have fair and appropriate environments throughout the website for their discussions to take place. I have been in this role full-time for a little over two and a half years.

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