Jeffrey O.

Machine Learning Engineer | Data Scientist

Hi, I am a machine learning engineer with expert level experience in the field of Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning. Prior to becoming active on Upwork, I have been an active remote freelancer on other online platforms for 3 years now and have helped lots of clients build novel, custom models & pipelines from scratch/research papers, fine-tune and deploy SOTA models applied in different problem domains. Here, I will provide you with an elegant research-based, solution to your problem specification! I am eager to work with you, to provide reliable and high-level solutions to your design/development challenges. My core skill set lies in the delivery of end-to-end machine learning systems. I read research papers and join conferences to be updated with the latest advancement and algorithms in the deep learning field and also to come up with efficient solutions and designs for various business problems and tasks. When I am not building models, I am attending to the needs of my patients. Here is a typical outline of my work flow: I research relevant and appropriate algorithm solutions from papers and scientific text, do some exploratory data analysis, build custom ML algorithm creatively from scratch / research paper, train created model or fine tune pre-trained model and finally, I integrate this trained model into a system for businesses and clients. I have expertise in the use of PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe, OpenCV, Keras, GCP, SQL, Numpy amongst others and my knowledge spans computer vision, audio processing and Natural Language Processing tasks not excluding tabular data. Following are the areas that I am proficient at: Web Apps ✅ Angular JS ✅ React JS ✅. Django ✅ Flask ✅. FAST API ✅. HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery ✅ Databases (MySQL, SQLite, Postgresql, MongoDB, Firebase) ✅ Web Scraping using Selenium, Beautifulsoup, and Scrapy ✅ REST APIs ✅ Unit testing using Pytest ✅. Elasticsearch Artificial Intelligence ✅. Statistical Inference ✅. Machine Learning ✅. NLP , Computer vision, Speech technology ✅. Deep Learning ✅. Neural Networks ✅. Time-series Analysis ✅. Recommendation Engine 3rd Party APIs: ✅. Telegram ✅. Paypal, Stripe, and many other payment platforms. ✅. Instagram, Twitter and FB Deployment ✅. Heroku ✅. GCP ✅. Docker Libraries ✅. Pytorch ✅. TensorFlow ✅. OpenCV ✅. Caffe ✅. Numpy ✅. Scikit-learn ✅. SQL ✅. Huggingface ✅. Parlai ✅. Matplotlib ✅. Scipy ✅. Seaborn Tools ✅. Google Colab ✅. Visual Studio Code I’m naturally curious and creative, I enjoy building innovative solutions using Artificial Intelligence to solve difficult problems by thinking outside of the box. I can add a degree of flair and creativity to your project alongside my technical expertise to deliver something unique and bespoke for your needs. WHY ME? 💡 Creativity ➝ A skill that is overly important in the field of AI and ML. Due to my strong mathematical background, experience and knowledge gathered from conferences and research papers, I am very capable of making simple innovations that would fit your problem or task. I strive to recommend unique solutions, design novel and custom architectures that is best for the problem at hand. 🗣 Communication ➝ I believe that this is very important for the understanding of project solution, information about project progress and mostly customer satisfaction. Good communication is necessary for me to understand your problems and for you to understand the value and solution that I offer. This is why I promise to communicate with you throughout solution development. You will be well informed about any extra requirements, new ideas , difficulties and progress status of the project. I guarantee you one thing: you will be kept apprised all the way! 🤝 Trust ➝ I understand that it can be difficult to find the right match when you are not sure of the quality of work you will get or the level of problem understanding and effective communication you will receive. But I assure you that you are going to get all this when you choose to work with me. I am friendly, funny, and an approachable person that is keen to build trust and rapport with you from the start. I understand my limitations and I will never lead you on if the proposed work is beyond my capabilities. I want to build long lasting relationships with you through my service. You can rely on me to be open, honest, upfront and advisory. I can't wait to work with you. Contact me now, so we can work together to meet your needs! I can't wait to hear from you!
Work history

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  • TensorFlow
  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • OpenCV
  • SQL
  • Neural Network
  • Selenium
  • AWS Development

Get started working with Jeffrey quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Jeffrey quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get a custom model built and trained from a research paper

From $550
6 days delivery

You will get a trained machine learning model for your problem task

From $200
3 days delivery

You will get a fine-tuned pre-trained NLP, computer vision , audio model for your task.

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"Jeffrey is a multi-talented developer. He is skilled in PyTorch, NLP, machine learning, and most importantly fun to work with! He is patient and responsible with deliveries. You won't regret hiring Jeffrey for your work! "

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