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Sustainable Architect and BIM Expert

I'm a sustainable architect with expertise in BIM, performance modeling, and optimization. I love working with clients to create eco-friendly buildings, blending my design and analysis skills. With a strong background, I'm excited to shape the future of sustainable construction. Over the past decade, I've gained valuable expertise in the design process, enabling me to offer my employer comprehensive services throughout various stages. I'm here to support and collaborate on your project with the services I've described. Pre-Design Services: • Conducting Feasibility Studies • Developing Preliminary Concepts • Reviewing Local and International Laws and Regulations • Collaborating with the client to brainstorm ideas • Creating and presenting initial design concepts • Analyzing energy, daylight, wind, and architectural parameters systematically • Optimizing initial plans during the pre-design phase • Providing conceptual diagrams to illustrate the project's initial design • Offering 3D renderings and architectural animations Schematic Design and DD Services: • Creating 3D models to assess design options • Preparing preliminary 3D renderings for a better understanding of design choices • Developing building energy models • Optimizing energy efficiency and evaluating its impact on building volume and design options • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws • Designing interior and exterior spaces • Planning landscaping for the project site • Coordinating with other construction disciplines to prevent conflicts • Optionally, modeling the structure and mechanical systems as per the client's request Construction Documents Services: • Generating construction documents • Preparing construction drawings with varying levels of detail (LODs 200-400) • Providing 2D details • Offering highly accurate 3D details in line with project requirements Renovation Services: • Updating existing condition maps and creating as-built maps • Developing 3D models of the current state • Presenting renovation plans • Creating new design models • Showcasing interior and exterior designs, including real photos and architectural walkthrough and flythrough animations • Converting 3D scans (point cloud data) into detailed Revit models I offer specialized expertise in the following areas: • 3D modeling: Proficient in Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, and SketchUp. • 3D visualization: Experienced in using Lumion and Photoshop for building visualization. • Building Information Modeling (BIM): Skilled in Revit. • Energy Modeling: Capable of simulating building energy performance using DesignBuilder, EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, and Ladybug Tools to optimize and assess energy efficiency. • Daylight Modeling: Experienced in daylight analysis using tools like Ladybug Tools and DesignBuilder to enhance visual comfort and reduce energy consumption. • Parametric Modeling: Proficient in creating complex geometries and conducting performance analysis using Grasshopper and Ladybug Tools. • Life Cycle Assessment: Knowledgeable in LCA tools for sustainable design. Please let me know your specific project requirements, and I'll tailor my architectural and performance analysis skills to meet your needs effectively. Thank you for considering my expertise and services. I look forward to the possibility of working with you on your next project
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  • Energy Simulation
  • Energy Modeling Software
  • DesignBuilder
  • EnergyPlus
  • Grasshopper 3D
  • Rhinoceros 3D

Get started working with Vazha quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Vazha quickly with these predefined projects.

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