Robert J.
SouthamptonUnited Kingdom

Software Engineer | Clojure | Kafka | Java

I am a Senior Software Engineer with 14 years of experience, during which I have primarily worked on back-end systems. I have used a variety of technologies: FP & OO programming languages; relational & NoSQL DBs; traditional message brokers such as ActiveMQ and distributed event log systems such as Kafka; manual deployment of uberjar apps and modern containerised apps deployed onto Kubernetes. As keen as I am on technology, I appreciate the importance of good communication, team dynamics and planning in order to build excellent software. I am a strong advocate of knowledge sharing, ensuring that I and my colleagues don’t become knowledge silos by writing wiki articles and highlighting where others should do the same. I take a lead in planning work by writing design docs and work tickets, splitting down and prioritising work to tackle risks early and ensure steady progress. I work together with product and engineering managers to clarify requirements and priorities, and summarise technical problems for the benefit of non-technical stakeholders. I have combined my interests in Clojure and writing by creating a tech blog. One of my more popular articles - a critique of a config library usage pattern - has already been recommended within the Clojure community.


  • Spring Boot
  • MySQL
  • Tutoring
  • Linux
  • Software Debugging