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WHAT CLIENTS SAY ABOUT ME “Stefano was great to work with. He was professional, a great communicator, and well-versed in Adwords, Analytics, and Facebook Ads. I give him the highest recommendation.” “Stefano did an excellent job. We discussed AdWords benchmarks and goals for the months and he exceeded them.” “A+++ Setup all my AdWords campaigns effortlessly and walked me through them with fine detail. Was great with communication and easy to deal with.” ------------------------------------- WHY WORK WITH ME As a PPC specialist with 10 years of experience, I’ve worked on Google Ads accounts with monthly spending from $500 to $200.000 and Facebook Ads accounts which spent up to $10.000 monthly. That sounds like the huge amount of money, but my goal is to ensure it’s not wasted money! So, if you need a consultation with certified Google Ads expert on how to start running a profitable Google Ads account, or you're already have running ads and want to optimize them, just continue with reading. Almost every time I start talking about ads I found out people worry how to get more clicks, better CTR, and lower CPC. No doubt, those things are important, but you don’t run a campaign to get clicks on your ads. You don’t tweak headlines to get better CTR. You don’t optimize bids to get cheaper CPC. Instead, you do so to get more leads and sales. In other words to make your business more successful. Instead of cheap you want to run a profitable and ROI positive campaign. Conversions are the priority, cost per conversion is a metric of success. That’s exactly why I am here. My goal is to help you do so use Google Ads and Google Analytics to ensure you don’t waste your money and your time! Don’t worry if you are not a techie. As a certified Google Ads and Analytics specialist I’m here to help you in using Google Ads in the most effective way, and to leverage Google Analytics in tracking results with a focus on conversions from day one. With this approach, your PPC campaigns will bring you more leads or sales, while you spend your time on things you love. ------------------------------------- AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Google Ads - Microsoft Ads - Google Analytics - Facebook Ads - LinkedIn Ads - Microsoft Ads 1) Google Ads: - Set up new accounts from scratch (Search, Display, Shopping, Video; help you decide your KPIs - key performance indicators; develop account structure by your business need; make keyword research; set up campaigns; create reports by KPIs considering what you want to pay close attention to). - Audit of existing accounts (find things which don’t work as should and optimize them; recommendation for things which work well how can be optimized to work even better). - Set up conversion tracking (make sure conversions are being tracked properly). - Create remarketing audiences for Google Display Network and Google Search. 2) Microsoft Ads - Set up new campaigns and auditing of existing campaigns (basically the same things I work on Google ads). 3) Google Analytics - Set up goals to track conversions. - Create remarketing audiences in Google Analytics. - Connect Google Analytics and Google Ads. - Audit of your current Google Analytics set up. 4) Google Data Studio - Create reports by your KPIs (using Google Ads, Google Analytics, or any other data source you connected to GDS). 5) Facebook Ads - Set up new campaigns from scratch (includes Instagram ads). - Audit of existing campaigns to find a field that needs to be improved. 6) LinkedIn Ads - Set up new campaigns from scratch and audit of existing campaigns to find a field that needs to be improved. ------------------------------------- HOW TO START WORKING WITH ME Currently, I am very busy with my existing clients and have only a few available slots for new projects. It’s a reason why I screen new clients very carefully. I also need to mention my preferred communication style: Consider my current workload I strive to be extremely focused. It means that I need to get into the zone to be able for deep work. It excludes any kind of distraction. Because of that, I’m not a person who can chat/responds on Upwork messages immediately. I check messages once or twice per day. Of course, you don’t need to worry that I will stay unresponsive. You will get an answer for sure in a few hours. If you need to organize a meeting with me (regardless if it is a chat or a call) I'll highly appreciate to schedule it at least 1 day in advance. Also please note that if we agreed on an hourly job, the meetings will be also counted on an hourly rate we agreed. P.S. Please make a personalized invite and include a brief overview of your business goals and why do you think we are a good fit. Talk to you soon, Stefano
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