Leanne G.
Cape TownSouth Africa

Tableau Dashboard Developer

I stumbled into the addictive world of Tableau Dashboard Development at the end of 2016, but have been driven by OCD (or CDO, for alphabetical accuracy) tendencies since birth. This results in a love for taking raw information and fitting it into patterns and structures that tell a pretty good story. I also suffer from incurable boredom and insufferable impatience, so instead of waiting for others to help me do something, I'd rather look it up and figure it out myself. So truthfully no, I wouldn't make a very good delegator. I have an insatiable desire to do everything myself, because I feel as though I need to see the big picture. I may also have control issues… I learn best by doing something hands-on and my years of experience in the industry is the direct result of having taught myself the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. Throughout my years in the corporate environment, I've also had clients request dashboards in Power BI and Google Looker Studio. I love learning, so I'm always willing to pick up a new skill if and when I need to. I've contracted to a number of corporate and international clients that include Distell, Implats, Big Chalk Analytics, Pipetto and Creative Channel Services, among many others. As such, I've worked with people from the USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, and of course, South Africa. I've also designed dashboards for ecommerce / retail, finance & cryptocurrency, green living / green energy, food & beverages, mining, farming / agriculture, education and healthcare industries. In some cases, I was even required to reshape the raw data and communicate that information to the relevant data teams in order to complete the necessary outputs. This has resulted in the successful delivery of over 50 projects within 7 years; most of which were made possible through my Upwork profile. Finally, I have frequent love affairs with languages (both lingual and computer-based), but in typical ADHD fashion, I tend to jump from one to another too quickly before mastering any. That's right, with me you get a two for one combo of OCD & ADHD! Right now, JavaScript and I have quite a good thing going.
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