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Microsoft Office: VBA Macro Developer and Certified Master Instructor

Hi. My name is Rob Mendell. I'm a Top-Rated Upwork Contractor. I've been a full-time Independent since 2007. • I develop bespoke automation solutions in Word and Excel (and some PowerPoint) using VBA. • I am a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor for Microsoft Office. • I provide issue support like a Help Desk (headers and footers, formulas, whatever). • I assist with, or fully complete, special projects. —|— What do I offer? VBA Development — It's been said that if you want to really learn something, program a computer to do it. I'm a VBA Programmer. VBA -- Visual Basic for Applications -- is a language Microsoft built into some Office applications that allows Developers to create tailor-made dialog boxes and write software code that taps into the objects and power inherent within each application. I know how to create customizations and one-of-a-kind automation inside Microsoft Office using VBA (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), with a friendly yet professional user interface, when the job requires this. Most people I work with on Upwork were initially unaware of this functional possibility, especially inside Word. Training — It's also been said that if you want to really learn something, teach it. I've been teaching Microsoft Office since 1992: in classroom settings, virtually, and through on-demand deskside services such as Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support. I know what the software can do natively -- without customization -- and how to patiently and clearly present it as a learning opportunity in layman's terms: Word styles, Excel formulas, PowerPoint slide masters, templates, conditional mail merge, and so on. Very few contractors have skills as both a Developer and a Trainer. I do. That's what I offer. I typically approach training from technical awareness, and I approach automation from the user's experience. If Office already has a feature built in, we shouldn't spend time and money to develop specialized code to do the job. I can look at a project and quickly determine which service is best in your specific situation, and then provide it to you. Your deliverable may be a combination of customized development, creation of a special project that uses it, and training on working with tools already available in the software suite. I offer a strong, coherent, and unique set of professional services to companies who want to more fully leverage their investment in Microsoft Office, with workbooks, documents, presentations, and automation templates. —|— Here are examples: VBA Development — Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), I design customized and intelligent dialog boxes that ask the pertinent questions, acquire the required answers, and then automate the desired results. I deliver these solutions most often as macro-enabled templates (.dotm for Word, .xltm for Excel, and .potm for PowerPoint). Examples of completed projects include correspondence layouts, code-generated PowerPoint decks, report generators based on sales or survey data, time sheets that perform calculations, budget workbooks that allocate every penny based on performance and longevity ratios, documents that behave, proposal and SOW templates, and so much more. Training — I love teaching Word and Excel, from beginning topics through advanced. I've also taught Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and other programs. I've been teaching Microsoft Office for 30 years. Support — Everyone gets stuck now and then, and you may need assistance. I am available to help you get a complex Word document back on track with styles and multi-section page numbering, or write that elusive set of formulas in Excel. I can work like an experienced outsourced Help Desk or write great documentation to help your employees understand and utilize functionality. Special Projects — Not everyone has the inclination or time to become a power user. I am available to help you by creating an intricate Excel workbook, designing and producing a process illustration or trail graphic in PowerPoint, or applying styles throughout your document and giving it a style-generated Table of Contents. —|— Who hires me? I've worked for 90 law firms, plus companies in a number of other industries including healthcare, manufacturing, finance (banking, capital management, credit, etc.), government, document storage, hotels and hospitality, energy and emissions, data, automotive, museum displays, order fulfillment, insurance, staffing, communication, education, software and technology, construction and renovation, personal growth and coaching, retail sales, executive search, inspections, and many others. If you want more from Microsoft Office in the form of development, training, support, or special projects, or if your document is wonky, or if you're stuck and don't know what you need, let's talk. =Rob Mendell


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