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$127k in 60 Days - marketed a $997 course with PLF, mini-course, and ads. A $5k course sold with just a 2-minute TikTok video. 115% growth in a $997-course sales on Day 1 with a Live Webinar. I will help you get similar results if you have an online course, willing to create social media videos and show up on a Live webinar or a workshop. Before I dive deeper, here's my elevator pitch. I help online course creators, ideally in the self-development niche, launch and grow their high-ticket online course business without necessarily recording a course or spending a fortune on beautiful funnels. One of my case studies below may fit your situation in business: "I helped a course creator in Germany re-launch her €997 course to a meager audience of 3,000 on her email and social media ads with a Product Launch Formula and a Mini-course Lead Magnet funnel. She has done 127k+ in sales in 45 days. I have co-written email campaigns with her that did the heavy lifting. Recently, I helped her do a soft launch to her email list that resulted in €20k in 3 days. I converted her mini-course into a paid VIP experience and built a recurring revenue stream. I helped her write high-converting ads for Meta". "The Home Care Course launch project in my profile: My client has an online course priced at $5k. I had my client create a strategic social media content system. On the back of just a 2-minute TikTok video, my client landed a customer for a $5k course (no ads)". In my Stock Market Investment course project, "I increased the sales of a course by 15% in two weeks. My client sold a $997 course to the JV audience with a 90-minute webinar. In addition, the conversion on the first upsell was 61% (a $49/month membership), and the conversion on the second upsell was 17% (a $397/year Facebook support group). I wrote the webinar email sequence copy, and as a result, the webinar opt-in rate, show-up rate, and stick-through rate increased by 20-30%. I added a cart abandonment campaign to recover the lost sales. With the webinar overhaul and cart abandonment campaign alone, I increased the course sales by 115% in two weeks". In my Moonology project on Upwork, "I helped an Amazon Bestseller Author in Astrology triple her online business with strategic funnels, email marketing, and marketing automation. I streamlined and simplified her Info products, improved the offers to make them irresistible, and developed seasonal and regular promotional plans to promote these offers to her 125k email subscribers". Here's how I will help you launch and grow your online course business: - Whether you have a selling course or are starting a brand new one, I will help you launch a 5-day paid boot camp/workshop/challenge to sell a high-ticket live online program without creating a course. You will acquire customers right off the bat with the paid workshop and sell them your high-ticket program. This is the fastest way to make money with your course business. You can turn the workshop and live program into a recorded course and sell it for a lifetime. - Whether you have email subscribers or are starting from scratch, webinar marketing is my secret sauce. I have delivered a million dollars in revenue with the webinar funnel alone. My webinar script and email marketing sequences overdeliver the results each time. I will handhold you through this entire process and create a webinar profit machine you can use for a lifetime to sell your high-ticket programs. - If your niche requires more persuasion or you have email subscribers, the Product Launch Formula funnel will work wonders to market your high-ticket program. - If you are a consultant or a coach, I will help you create and launch an Application funnel to start landing qualified prospects in your business with meta, TikTok, and YouTube ads without creating a webinar, lead magnet, or a fancy website. - If you cater to more than 3 customer avatars and offer bespoke services to each, I will help you create a laser-targeted Quiz funnel to segment your avatars for a personalized offer. - Whether you are a successful course business or a brand new one, you need a persuasive lead magnet and entry-level offer to get a horde of leads to your business. I will help you develop a strategic lead magnet to overcome their objections and increase their trust in buying higher ticket programs from you. Whether you are a successful online course business looking to scale, a brand new course creator looking for fast growth without breaking the bank, or an expert with an online course idea looking to create a course that sells, I will fast-track your course creation, launching, and scaling without waiting for months or wasting time on ineffective marketing. Please send me an invite, answer a few questions, and get a custom marketing proposal with a timeline and fee.
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