Stan Z.
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Data Automation and Integration Architect

I'll help you to automate and visualize your data: - Automated and visualized Google Sheets with ChatGPT, formulas, and scripts. - AI for automatic content generation/classification/data processing. - Integrate and automate services with Google Apps Scripts, Make, Zapier, and APIs with scripts. - BigQuery & Looker Studio combo to store and analyze data of any size. - Scraping websites & data extraction with or without AI. - JavaScript or C# for complex solutions: complex automation scripts, private tool websites, browser extensions, etc. By leveraging my expertise in automation and programming, you can eliminate repetitive tasks, achieve faster decision-making through automated data processing, and attain a more efficient workflow. No need to scroll through raw data tables for hours; get automated calculations and visualizations as required. A few general ideas I can assist with: AI-Optimized Data Handling: - Generate or reformat content. - Cleanse and categorize unstructured data for analysis. - Automatically generate content in the format you need, including text and images. - Ask AI questions about data in your documents; - Scrape websites to summarize and analyze with AI. Automating Repetitive Tasks: - Integrate platforms for auto emails, invoices, messages, booking, calendar events, and more. - Transfer data between tables with automatic processing and calculations. - Extract data from free text like emails automatically. - AI for complex decision logic that can't be achieved exclusively with scripts. Consolidating Data: - Centralize data from different systems you use - Merge various reports for financial calculations. - Auto-append to tables upon order placements. - Process complex data using scripts and AI cleaning, prepping it for analysis with dashboard tools like Looker Studio. Advanced Data Processing & Visualization: - Evaluate staff performance and track goal attainment. - Identify top-selling items and monitor stock levels. - Analyze rental performances and profitability. - Visualize crucial data with graphs, color-coding for extremes, overdue tasks, and low-stock alerts. Complex tools: Private websites for data processing, including AI assistance. Browser extensions to automate workflows with websites. Website scraping with data cleaning, restructuring, and visualization for analysis. These are just some possibilities. If you need data processed, automated, or visualized, reach out! ABOUT ME I'm a programmer with a passion for automation. I love tackling tough problems and finding efficient solutions. I specialize in custom integrations, blending my coding skills with tools like ChatGPT, Make, and Google Sheets. My love for automation even affects the games I like - it's all games about logistics, automating, and complex simulations. Professionally, I've worked with JavaScript, NodeJS, React, C#, WPF, and AWS/GC. One of my recent personal projects is building a game bot using C# and advanced algorithms. Ready to streamline your data processes or implement AI-driven solutions? Let's chat and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.
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  • API
  • TypeScript
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets Automation
  • Google Apps Script
  • ChatGPT
  • Looker Studio