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Machine Learning Engineer | MLOps Engineer

I help companies to leverage Machine Learning to create innovative products through an end-to-end machine learning development process that designs, builds, and manages reproducible, testable, scalable, and evolvable ML-powered software with minimal cost. I answer questions like: 1. How can I deploy my AI solution to achieve acceptable performance with minimal cost? 2. How many simultaneous users my solution can serve? 3. How can automatically scale up and down my solution to support more users with minimal cost? 4. How can monitor my solution performance in production? 5. When do I need to retrain my model? 6. How can I manage my infrastructure to improve costs and reliability? I am an experienced Researcher and Machine Learning Engineer with a Ph.D. and more than 5 years of practical work in the design and build of scalable machine learning solutions on top of open-source and enterprise products. I've built and deployed several Computer Vision and NLP AI solutions applying best practices to providing a technological backbone for managing the machine learning lifecycle through automation and scalability. I apply Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) best practices to make the development and deployment of machine learning systems more systematic, repeatable, and reliable. My specialties are: ✅ Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) to unify the release cycle for machine learning and software applications; ✅ Build data and ML pipelines to automate training and deployment; ✅ Automated testing of machine learning artifacts (e.g. data validation, ML model testing, and ML model integration testing); ✅ Deploy Machine Learning solution in the Cloud (GPC and AWS) or on-premises; ✅ Build Machine Learning models to solve Classification, Regression, and Computer Vision and NLP problems; ✅ Build APIs for operationalizing your models and analytics; ✅ Containerized Machine Learning solutions to run in Docker and Kubernetes; ✅ Python development with several ML frameworks (Pytorch, TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, etc.); ✅ Data Version Control; ✅ Code versioning with Github/GitLab/BitBucket; The client review below which you will find in my reviews section and numerous others like it describes the quality of work and value that you can expect from working with me: "From my perspective Patrick has great programming and machine learning skills and business understanding. He was able to find a creative solutions which increased accuracy of the computer vision model. His software is well documented and very easy to use. Patrick shows initiative and has strong work ethic. I'd like to work with Patrick again in the future on various Machine Learning projects" You can see more about my work on my website: I am also a quick learner and team player who shares knowledge and ideas with colleagues. Send me a message and let's talk about your project.

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Get started working with Carlos Patrick quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Carlos Patrick quickly with these predefined projects.

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