Stephen A.
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Creative and Comedic Writer

To have made strangers laugh while alone on a stage, equipped with only what I have written...that may be what I am most proud of. I have learned creative writing through classes, I have learned screenwriting through classes. This is all valuable knowledge which I feel to be pertinent for a site like this. But I have also learned joke-telling and stand-up comedy through trial and error. An open mic night is perhaps the least forgiving setting because when people don't laugh, you hear it. You must learn to be able to grab people's attention quickly, hold onto it as long as you need to, and deliver as many laughs as you can. I have done stand-up in four different states and two different time zones and have always written all my own material. I make this point, not to brag, but just to display that my humor isn't regional. If you're keeping track, yes that is 8% of the states in the U.S, yes, that does make it sound more expansive than it is, and no that isn't necessarily impressive. I have many interests and areas of expertise, including but not limited to, sports, pop culture, hip-hop, entertainment, food, animals, and making any excuse to demonstrate my strong command of the time zones. Even areas in which I may not be as well-versed, I am always happy to research and write. I find myself researching topics all the time in order to have a better understanding. I feel it is important to always be wanting to learn more. I try to research and learn new things every week and never tire of it. I would be extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to work with clients here. I am eager to help people out with whatever they need, to showcase creativity, and to try to crack a joke or two where appropriate. Luckily, if I don't get a laugh, I won't hear it. Thank you for your consideration.

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