Muhammad H.
Rising Talent

CraftHub: Web development, SEO, Full Stack, Design, Content, Video,

As the CEO of Innovatek Solutions, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion for technology. My journey as a dedicated full-stack developer has been marked by a commitment to innovation and excellence. My expertise covers a spectrum of essential areas, including: WordPress Shopify HTML, CSS Bootstrap JavaScript PHP Database Management Laravel My expertise extends beyond conventional development; I have a proven track record in effectively resolving hosting-related challenges, a skill set that has significantly contributed to our success within the industry. From optimizing server configurations to addressing performance issues and ensuring seamless website hosting, I've navigated the complexities of hosting environments with a proactive approach. This has resulted in the establishment of a robust and high-performance online presence for our clients. My academic journey includes a proud graduation in Computer Science from Punjab University. At Innovatek Solutions, we operate as a cohesive team, combining individual strengths to provide a comprehensive suite of services. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in the diverse expertise of our team: Web Development: Our skilled developers create robust and scalable online solutions, ensuring a seamless digital experience for our clients. WordPress Solutions: The team excels in crafting engaging, user-friendly, and visually stunning WordPress websites that align with our clients' brand and objectives. SEO and Marketing: Our marketing experts employ proven techniques to enhance online presence and maximize reach, driving visibility and traffic. Full Stack Development: Our full-stack development team covers every layer of applications, providing holistic and integrated software solutions. Graphics Designing: Our design team brings creativity and expertise to the table, ensuring our clients' brands communicate effectively through stunning visuals. Content Writing: Words have the power to captivate and persuade. Our content writing team crafts messages that effectively convey our clients' brand and objectives. Video Editing: Our video editing team enhances the visual appeal of videos, creating a lasting impact on viewers and engaging audiences effectively. UI/UX Design: Our design philosophy revolves around creating intuitive and visually pleasing interfaces that enhance user satisfaction. DeFi and Blockchain: Our experts navigate the world of decentralized finance and blockchain, providing reliable guidance and innovative solutions. Web 3.0 and Cryptocurrency: We explore the future of the internet with Web 3.0 solutions, staying ahead in the cryptocurrency landscape and providing expert guidance. At Innovatek Solutions, we believe in collaborative success. Whether you're a startup establishing your online presence or an established enterprise seeking to elevate your digital strategies, we're your dedicated partner for transformative digital solutions. As CEO, my commitment to excellence and passion for innovation drives our team to deliver solutions that surpass expectations. Let's innovate together and build a digital future that exceeds expectations.


  • Web Application
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress
  • Web Design
  • DeFi
  • DApp Development
  • NFT
  • Web3
  • Cryptocurrency

Get started working with Muhammad quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Muhammad quickly with these predefined projects.

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