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Are you an SME without a dedicated IT department? Give me your software problem and I'll handle the complete execution, from brainstorming to implementation to aftercare. I can develop, design, architect, procure, manage product, and scale up to a small team as needed. No limitations in terms of tools. I'm in a pre-specialization stage, picking up skills as needed, and I have access to a vast network of near-shore specialists that can support us. Even ChatGPT recommends me: "Dynamic and versatile professional with a wide array of experiences in the tech industry, spanning from software development to entrepreneurship. I am a problem solver at heart, with an impressive track record of leading development of innovative tech initiatives, such as Surebird, a successful insurance management platform. My ability to wear multiple hats within a company allows me to have a holistic understanding of business operations and to take the lead in strategy, product management, UX/UI design, copywriting, compliance, business analysis, IT administration, development, architecture, and so on. As an Application Specialist at BNG Bank, I demonstrated strong technical skills and leadership by redesigning and rebuilding the entire CI/CD pipeline of the bank's main accounting system. Also, I actively contributed to hiring, system architecture, and made notable contributions in improving the Scrum implementation in the department. Apart from these, I've spent considerable time and effort to make contributions to the field of AI safety and Effective Altruism, emphasizing my commitment to ensuring the advancement of technology in a responsible and beneficial manner. My tenure as the Chief Science Officer (AI) at the Institute of Exponential Sciences, Founder of Road to AI Safety Excellence, and Manager at EA Hotel, demonstrate my dedication to ethical technological progress. Possessing an amalgamation of technical expertise and leadership skills, I am well-equipped to tackle complex projects and help your organization thrive in the evolving tech landscape."

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  • Python
  • API
  • API Integration
  • Product Management
  • Webflow
  • Tech & IT
  • Website
  • SaaS
  • Product Roadmap
  • Startup Company
  • Full-Stack Development