Yelysei M.
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Desktop|Full Stack|Firmware developer| C/C++, Python, Java, C#/.NET

I have been working on designing and developing desktop, web, IoT apps, firmware, and embedded systems. Programming languages: - C/C++, Qt, QML - C#/.NET, WPF, Windows Forms, UWP, Entity Framework - Java, JavaFX, Swing, J2SE, J2ME, J2EE, JSF, JDBC,JPA, Hibernate - Python - PHP - JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Node.js Desktop app development: - C#, .NET framework, .NET core, WinForms, WPF, WMI, LINQ, WCF, C/C++, MFC, Qt, QML, Python, Java, Unity - Video / Image processing (GStreamer, FFmpeg, OpenCV, OpenGL, GDI, X11, Jetson, CUDA), Video Editing Software, Video Viewer, Audio processing, audio coding formats - Reverse Engineering, DLL, decompile, Low-level programming - AR, VR, 3D printer, game - SolidWorks, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, Revit, Blender, Unreal Engine Web development (C#/.NET, ASP.NET, C++, Python, J2EE, PHP): - Web applications and REST API web services - Backend Development (C#/.NET, C++, Python, J2EE, PHP) - JSF, JSP, Servlets, Primefaces, REST API development, JAX-RS, API integration - Frontend Development (JavaScript, Angular JS, ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS) Firmware & Embedded Systems development: - ARM, ESP8266, ESP32, STM32, nRF52840, nRF52832, BGM220, Arduino, Raspberry PI, Microchip PIC, Motorola - Secure embedded app development with ARM Trust zone, Infineon's Optiga Trust M Hardware Security, and STM32 ST-SAFE. - OS: Android, Linux, Windows - TLS, SSL, mbedTLS, and PKI. - UART, SPI (Single, Dual, Quad, Octo), I2C, OneWire, USB, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, LORA, WIFI, RS232 - TCP/IP, MQTT/MQTTS, HTTP/HTTPS, Modbus, gRPC - Data serialization formats (XML, JSON, protobuf) - IoT application with LORA, LTE, 4G, NB-IoT, and ZigBee - Motor control application, full-bridge, and PWM for controlling brushed DC motors, stepper motor control, servo, and other motor control for robotics applications. Other technologies: - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning - Tesseract OCR (document recognition, classification, parsing automation) - Digital Signal Processing - Web scraping, crawlers, automation - MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite - Azure, AWS EC2, S3, RDS

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  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • J2EE
  • Firmware