Mujahidul T.

Web Scraping | Data Extraction | Python Developer

I am a highly skilled web scraper with extensive experience in extracting and processing data from diverse web sources. Proficient in Python, JavaScript, and AWS, I create custom solutions for efficient and accurate data collection and analysis. My expertise includes using libraries like BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium, and Playwright enabling me to handle a variety of scraping requirements from simple to complex websites. I excel at overcoming challenges such as CAPTCHAs and anti-scraping measures, ensuring reliable data extraction. With experience across industries like e-commerce, real estate, finance, and market research, I provide actionable insights and comprehensive data sets. I focus on optimization and efficiency, using parallel processing, asynchronous requests, and cloud infrastructure for large-scale projects. My scalable solutions adapt to growing project needs. I prioritize data integrity and ethical practices, ensuring compliance with legal standards and website terms of service. Whether for competitor monitoring, market intelligence, or automation, I deliver high-quality, reliable scraping solutions. My commitment to excellence and continuous learning keeps me at the forefront of web scraping technology, ready to tackle new challenges for my clients. SKILLS Programming Languages: ➤ Python: Advanced proficiency in Python for web scraping, automation, and data processing. ➤ JavaScript: Skilled in JavaScript for handling dynamic web pages and client-side operations. Web Scraping Frameworks & Libraries: ➤ BeautifulSoup: Expert in using BeautifulSoup for parsing HTML and XML documents, enabling easy data extraction from web pages. ➤ Selenium: Experienced in Selenium for automating web browsers, ideal for scraping dynamic content and interacting with web pages. ➤ Scrapy: Proficient in Scrapy for building and running large-scale web scraping projects with ease and efficiency. ➤ Playwright: I am an expert in using Playwright to create sophisticated and efficient web scraping and automation solutions. Data Handling & Analysis: ➤ Pandas: Advanced usage of Pandas for data manipulation, cleaning, and analysis, turning raw data into actionable insights. Cloud Services: ➤ SQL: Proficient in using SQL for efficient data querying, database management, and integrating structured data into scraping workflows. ➤ AWS (Amazon Web Services): Competent in using AWS for deploying scalable and robust scraping solutions, including Lambda for serverless computing and S3 for data storage. Regards, Mujahidul Tuhin
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  • Beautiful Soup
  • Selenium
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • API