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Data Scientist/Analyst/Bi Visualizer

5% of your bottom line earning goes to charity of your choice. Akshay patra foundation , save the trees organisation. I will sqeuze every ounce of insights from your data from statistical analyses to geospatial analysis my skill set is wide and I like to work fast to move data into insights into action. I work full gamut of analytics from data Extraction to cleaning to data analysis to visual and to writing presentation. My skills include: 1- Web Scraping 2- Python 3- SQL 4- Advanced Excel 5- Exploratory Data Analysis 6- Geospatical Data Analysis 7- Market Basket Analysis 8- Data Visualization 9- Data Cleaning 10- Machine Learning 11- Artificial intelligence 12- Model Fitting 13- Data Mining 14- Data Modeling 15-Power Pivot 16-Time series Forecasting 17- Churn prediction What do I offer: 1- 100% satisfaction rate 2- Unlimited Revisions 3- 24 hour support 4- 15 Days of free work After delivery
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  • SQL
  • ChatGPT
  • Data Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Web Scraping
  • Python Script
  • Analytics