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Welcome to my profile! Are you here to FINALLY take back control of your time and income? I bet, right now, you're: ~ Overwhelmed. ~ Working 50+ hour weeks. ~ Putting out fires left and right while trying to stay ahead. ~ Trying to keep up with Google tantrums, algorithm changes and trends. ~ Trying to balance your crazy work schedule while still doing fun things with family and friends. AND you're also doing a heck load of marketing to get more leads and more clients, and it's just not working! (WHY?) I can just imagine how that's going... (Scrap that, I already know because I was there too) So, here are a few things you can do NOW to take back control: ~ Update your profile so you can convert your leads even while you sleep. ~ Update your content strategy to include TOFU, MOFU & BOFU content. ~ Start posting on social media to diversify your traffic so Google doesn't take you down overnight. So, why should you listen to anything I say? I've been there and done that, and of course, I got BURNOUT. I had to make some difficult choices and take some risks. Now, I work about 20 to 30-hour weeks and have a super flexible schedule. I bet you want to work even less than I do right now, right? Here's how I can help: → I'll create and implement processes in your creative department that actually work. → I'll implement Content Strategies so you never have to guess what's next. → I'll take control of your Social Media accounts and engagement. → I'll take over your Email Campaigns so you can convert clients. → I'll write SEO-optimised content for your blog. → I can also coach you to do it all yourself. AND, of course, we'll be qualifying your first 8-10 leads within 8 weeks of working with me using your existing network! This means you get to: ~ Take this afternoon off. ~ Spend more time with your family. ~ Go on that trip you've been dreaming about. ~ While the money keeps rolling in If this sounds like something you want, send me a DM. I've got you! It's time to stop dreaming and START LIVING!

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