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Good morning/afternoon/evening, Upwork clients! I have had the pleasure of being on Upwork since 2014. I am a full-time freelancer with 19 years of journalism and editing experience, 16 years of digital editing experience, six years in mid-level management roles, 22 years of administrative experience, and 25 years of social media experience. I've also completed approximately 247 interviews with experts in mental health, veganism and vegetarianism, environmentalism, hybrid cars, business startups, attorney advice, pet health, product reviews, and tech-centric dating app projects. Before and during my journalism and publishing jobs, I completed seasonal work for a credit union. Tasks included filing, faxing, scanning, mail preparation, transcribing meeting minutes and editing their newsletter. I'd probably still be popping in if the local credit union hadn't merged with a bigger credit union. That clerical experience has been extremely helpful for project management and in leadership roles. Speaking of that, my volunteer leadership projects included being a two-year condo board president and treasurer, a five-time Toastmasters officer, and a yearlong host of a storytelling club. From part-time freelancer to full-time freelancer, I am grateful for any invite I receive. However, transparency is the best way to find suitable (and long-term) clients. These HOURLY-ONLY jobs are the kinds of projects that make me leap to my laptop to apply: * Financial literacy and financial news copy (editing and writing) * Legal copy (editing and writing) * Real estate copy (editing and writing) * K-12 literature and books (LOVE African- and African-American history books) * Adult-education books and tech tutorials (editing finance/investing and real estate books are my favorites) * National and world news, political news (editing, fact-checking, writing) * Dog-related content of any kind (editing and writing) * Healthy eating and nutrition topics that focus on veganism and vegetarianism (editing and writing) * Administrative and transcription jobs (similar to the credit union work mentioned above) Ideal Client: My CliftonStrengths results are Achiever, Command, Executor and Influencer, meaning I excel in leadership positions with minimal supervision. I thrive in virtual work environments with clients who communicate well, give constructive feedback, are respectful of a work-life balance and pay in a timely manner. My long-term clients are quite fond of Upwork Messenger, Slack, Asana, Loom and/or email as a primary way to connect. Does that describe you? I'd love to hear from you then.

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Get started working with Shamontiel quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Shamontiel quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get a complete evaluation of your speech (pros and cons) or a written speech

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1 day delivery

You will get a copy edited, proofread or substantive edit of your COMPLETED book.

From $1,500
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You will get a complete Wibbitz video and an (optional) video-editing tutorial

From $50
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You will get an infographic to share on Instagram, Pinterest and/or Threads

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2 days delivery

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