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Email Deliverability Expert

My name is Pierre and I help deliver your emails into the main inbox. 📩 From a deliverability standpoint, I can assist you with: 🚀 Initial Audit of your infrastructure. 🚀 Ongoing KPI monitoring and issue troubleshooting related to deliverability. 🚀 Tracking and evaluating your inboxing performance over time. 🚀 Improving the content of your emails to bring them out of Gmail’s “tabs” (Promotion, social) or spam. 🚀 Setting up tailored infrastructure from scratch (transactional, marketing, but we also create amazing cold emailing infrastructures). Additionally, I can also help improve cold emailing efficiency with: 🚀 Setting you up with cold emailing infrastructure with perfect deliverability. 🚀 Audit & strategy consulting 🚀 Set up the AB testing plan, execution of campaigns & refining the template copy. 🚀Establish KPIs, metrics, and goals to track the efficiency and ROI 🚀 Spam filter friendly HTML emails (tested and guaranteed inboxing). I have over 5 years of experience in the emailing industry working as a freelancer on various different platforms, projects, and customer cases. I have a team able to back me up with experts in very specific fields to make sure that whatever your ideas and goals are, we can fulfill them. ❓ FAQ ❓ : 1) What is the initial audit about ❓ We will adapt to your infrastructure size and map to research and conclude on 3 key areas: A: Technical Investigation. We basically answer the question “ are you correctly set up for emailing”. This part features panel tests, authentication (SPF, DMARC, DKIM, BIMI), alignment results, and other technical tests done on your system. B: Data Analyse: We want to understand your behavior as a sender and answer the question “ Are you following the best practices for optimal deliverability?” We typically extract historical data and group them into KPIs that we can then visualize over time and conclude. C: Content Analysis. These days, specifically for Gmail, content is usually always at least part of the reason why you land into spam. We are going to review your content and rank the inboxing of your template library, along with pointing out what needs to be modified for each template. We present findings and conclusions in a written report and during a one to one call after the audit is done together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) What kind of value do you monitor❓ We do: ° Global stats monitoring: we analyse your overall performance and are able to dig into bounce codes and solve the potential problems of deliverability before they arise. ° Per ESP stats: we understand that deliverability variables are unique to each filter. Gmail isn’t looking at the same thing as Yahoo is when accepting or not your email. We track your KPIs on the mailbox provider level to make sure your performance is consistent across the board. ° Per templates performance: in the latest month, the content has become more and more important (and this is specifically true for Gmail). Part of your templates might be inboxing correctly, while some suffer from content that has not been written with deliverability in mind. We rank your template inboxing and are able to improve your content to make sure all of your most important templates are correctly delivered. ° Bounce monitoring: maybe the most important, we track your bounces and find out what the reason is, we can then act according to the issue to troubleshoot the bounce spike before it gets detrimental. We also do custom reports depending on our client’s questions/concerns. Above are just the main types of reports we produce. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) What kind of infrastructure can you set up❓ Any! We do: ° Off the shelf marketing / transactional setup (if you want to use SendGrid, MailChimp, SendInBlue,... ) ° Self Hosted solutions (like MailWizz, Accell Mail,...) + SMTP (MailGun, PostMark). We can also create your own SMTP to make sure you have the best possible control over your delivery settings. ° Custom Cold emailing infrastructure with pristine delivery (some clients get over 80% open rates !) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) What email software & industry have you worked with❓ In terms of email software, we must be close to having worked with all of them. If we have not worked with yours, we will be easily able to adapt and find our way to the correct information to give you insights. We work with SAAS, Ecommerce, Marketing Agencies, Lead Generation Agencies, Consulting / Personal Brand Businesses, Brick & Mortar businesses, … Anyone that sends enough email to get an ROI on outside help like ours.

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