zohaib z.

Google Certified Data Engineer | Data Scientist | BI Developer

I am a Certified Data Engineer with 5+ years of experience in building cloud data solutions, optimizing data pipelines, and ensuring data integrity. My expertise lies in designing and implementing end-to-end data solutions on the GCP platform. I possess a strong technical acumen and focus on delivering high responsiveness and performance. Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered data-driven solutions that enhance data accessibility and accuracy, collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and provide data engineering expertise. Key Expertise: 💻 Google Cloud Platform (GCP): I have extensive experience leveraging GCP services for efficient data ingestion, processing, and storage. I am adept at building scalable data warehouses using GCP's BigQuery, optimizing performance with partitioning and clustering techniques. 🔍 ETL Processing and Data Analytics: I excel in developing and implementing ETL processes, ensuring streamlined data import from various sources into BigQuery warehouses. I have a proven track record of optimizing data pipelines to reduce costs while maintaining data integrity and accuracy. 🌪️ Cloud Dataflow and Apache Airflow: I am proficient in developing data orchestration using Apache Airflow and Python for transformations and cleansing, as well as implementing streaming and batch processing workflows using Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Dataproc for real-time and batch analytics. 🗄️ Database Expertise: I have extensive experience with various databases, including Relational Databases, NoSQL Databases, and Graph Databases. My expertise lies in determining the appropriate use case for each type and effectively transitioning between them. Digital Skills: 📈 Data Analysis: Proficient in extracting meaningful insights from data for stakeholders. 🔍 Data Validation and Cleansing: Skilled in ensuring data quality and accuracy through validation and cleansing processes. 📊 Data Visualization: Capable of presenting data in a visually compelling and informative manner. 🐍 Python: Experienced in using Python for data engineering and analytics tasks. 🔢 SQL: Proficient in writing SQL queries for data manipulation and analysis. ☁️ Cloud Migration Processes: Knowledgeable in migrating data and applications to cloud platforms. 🔧 Data Engineering: Expertise in designing and implementing data engineering solutions. 🔵 Microsoft Azure: Familiarity with Microsoft Azure cloud services. Certifications: 🎓 Google Professional Data Engineer 📊 Advance Google Analytics 📚 Microsoft Certified Azure Data Fundamentals 🤖 Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals 🔑 Knime L1 and L2 In conclusion, my career as a Cloud Data Engineer has been defined by my ability to design and implement efficient data solutions, optimize data pipelines, and deliver data-driven insights. My proficiency in GCP, ETL processing, Cloud Dataflow, and various databases has enabled me to excel in providing high-performance and cost-effective data solutions. With a strong focus on data integrity and accuracy, I have consistently delivered impactful results for the organizations I've worked with.

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  • Machine Learning Model
  • Python
  • pandas
  • BERT
  • TensorFlow
  • Model Optimization
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Analytics
  • Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization
  • Forecasting

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