Jiddu Alexander B.
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R programmer, Shiny App Developer, Data Scientist

Please also see my blog: jiddualexander.com I'm a data scientist / analyst and an expert R programmer. I am strong with ggplot (ggplot2 data visualisation) and I am also a Shiny App developer. I can create custom dashboards for your data with intelligent analytics and interactive graphics. I program in R 6 days a week and I am very confident with all aspects of a data analysis project. I use mostly the very powerful packages created by Hadley Wickham (data import, cleaning and tidying (tidyr), manipulation (dplyr), visualisation (ggplot2) and reporting (Shiny)). The list of online certificates (below) is a good indication of the focus of my skills. To understand the power of these tools for creating dashboards I suggest you take a look at RStudio's Shiny gallery (shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/). I have participated in the Master R Developer Workshop by RStudio, thaught by no other than Hadley Wickham himself. My expert knowledge in R extends to high quality functional programming, package building, meta-programming and more. I have a Master Degree in Theoretical Physics from Sussex University (UK) and very strong understanding of analytics and machine learning, including neural networks (which I studied at Uni), support Vector machines, RandomForest, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and much more. Including the tools to train machine learning models I also have a fundamental understanding and set of tools to apply the correct models for specific situations.
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