Aleksandr A.
United Arab Emirates

CTO, tech lead, team lead & nitro full stack dev since 2006

I'm building web services from scratch and deploying them with modern tools. Skills: 🔥 Experienced in production services 🔥 You can be sure that I'll not break your production service by deploying updates or mess up your database while rolling out some changes. 🔥 Bleeding edge technology and fast learning 🔥 Industry sets new standards every day and devs need to fit those increasing demands: adapt new technologies inside their niche or learn completely new markets. I have no problems with that. In fact, I prefer always use new dev tools rather than stick with old ones. 🔥 Cryptocurrencies knowledge 🔥 I have deep and real understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies based on it (BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, etc). I can set up a full node (not depends on any services) of almost any crypto and create a service based on it, for example, blockchain explorer, exchange or merchant. 🔥 Seamless deploying included 🔥 Deployment is included in my dev stack. So when your service will be finished, it won't take much time to run it anywhere. I'm using tools like Kubernetes and Docker to make deployment process easy and seamless for you. 🔥 IT related knowledge and experiences 🔥 I am fluent with workflow-related software, for example, web design tools like Photoshop, Sketch and Figma, IDEs obviously, tasks management and issue trackers (Jira, Trello, etc.), version control systems (GIT, Mercurial, Perforce). Also I'm familiar with typography, audio and video coding, machine learning, cryptography, and so on... I know how to interact with designers, backend and frontend developers. IT is basically my life, my hobbies are tech related, lifestyle is bound with my skills, I can't imagine my personality without those skills 🙃 💎Tech I worked with 💎 (knowledge level: P - Professional, M - Moderate, B - Basic) Languages: 📚JavaScript (P), 📚TypeScript (P), 📚CoffeeScript (P), 📚Python (P), 📚PHP (P), 📚HTML (P), 📚CSS (P), 📚SASS, SCSS (P), 📚Stylus (P), 📚Ruby (M), 📚Blueprints (Unreal Engine) (M) 📚C++ (B), 📚Swift (B) Databases: 💾MongoDB (P), 💾MySQL (P), 💾PostgreSQL (P), 💾Redis (P) Backend: ⚙️Node.js (P), ⚙️Express (P), ⚙️NPM (P), ⚙️Meteor (P), ⚙️puppeteer (P), ⚙️Selenium (M) ⚙️Django (B), ⚙️Rails (B) Frontend: 📱React with hooks (P), 📱Vue (P), 📱WebComponents (custom elements, shadow DOM) (P), 📱webpack (P), 📱Rete.js (P), 📱Foundation (P), 📱Bootstrap (P), 📱GSAP (M), 📱Backbone (M), 📱Angular (M), 📱Gulp (M), 📱Grunt (M) Administration: 🔩Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, RedHat, CentOS) (P), 🔩Mac OS (P), 🔩other UNIX (P), 🔩Kubernetes (P), 🔩Docker (P), 🔩nginx (P), 🔩postfix (P), 🔩Apache (P), 🔩bind9 (P), 🔩Windows (M) APIs: 🔑REST (P), 🔑GraphQL (P), 🔑JSONRPC (P), 🔑WebSockets based (P), 🔑Telegram (P), 🔑Facebook Graph (P) PaaS: ☁️Microsoft Azure (P), ☁️Amazon Web Services (P), ☁️Salesforce Heroku (P), ☁️Google Cloud (M)
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