Ran J.
LondonUnited Kingdom
Rising Talent

Head of Operations | Chief of Staff

* I have strong leadership skills having previously managed a team of 40 employees across numerous departments. * I organise, coordinate various tasks, resources, and schedules to ensure smooth efficient operations in addition to meeting KPIs. * I am a problem-solver and have been known as a “completer finisher” in previous roles for my dedication in completing all tasks big and small. * I possess excellent communication skills and regularly communicate with board members and investors effectively. I analyse data to make informed and strategic decisions. * I am highly adaptable and able to adjust priorities and workload based on the needs of the company. I see the big picture of the company vision as well as simultaneously executing on the details needed for the bigger vision to be realised. * Throughout all of this, I ensure that customer needs are at the forefront of all decisions made.


  • Project Management
  • Xero
  • HR & Business Services
  • Niche Research
  • Business Operations
  • Executive Support
  • Cross Functional Team Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Trello
  • Strategic Planning