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Manuscript Editing: Developmental, Line, and Proofread

I'm a Jill of all trades in the literary world, with years of experience both writing and editing at the literary agency where I work. I'd love to talk with you about editing your novel. Read the testimonials below and peruse the selected published works in my portfolio. Clients have found me to be a good communicator and responsible with deadlines. Others have said I have a sharp eye, and a kind yet blunt critique style. I assure you, I want your project to be the best it can be, and I'll instinctively know the work that needs to be done to get it there. I'm ready to embrace your project as my own, so let's get to work! ***Kindly read this clarification before sending an invite: I don't edit works created either partially or in full by AI, and I do not participate in ghostwriting circles. Also, I don't write query letters, rather, I critique and improve letters that are already written by a book's author. Thanks so much!*** I Prefer: - Fixed price to hourly - Clear expectations - Kindness, always. No matter what needs to be said. - Working on either first 3 chapters (up to 8,000 words), first half (up to 40,000 words), or whole manuscripts (up to 90,000 words). You will get: - Structural/Developmental edits; these are big picture edits. (Random examples: This could be better in a different spot, maybe paragraph 4 of chapter 5 where you introduce this topic. Have you thought about making Mary older to fit her independent lifestyle? Why is Stephan so worried about the cleanliness of the apartment, if in chapter one you said he hired a cleaning lady? I'm wondering if chapter seven can be tightened and merged with six, because it's lagging and I worry readers will lose interest) - Line edits; these occur when a certain line/word is throwing off the story. (Random examples: This sentence is clunky because the subject of the sentence comes after all those other objects and adjectives. Your use of the word Coptic may not be correct since technically these worshipers would be Russian orthodox. Double-check the accuracy of your claim that black widow spiders can kill. Consider editing out the word "felt" from this whole chapter because it weakens the text.) - Grammar/Punct correction; This is like proofreading, but it's best to perform a separate final proofread once you're completely done with all edits. (Examples: spelling of words, word usage, grammar correction, punctuation correction) Can't wait to talk to you about your needs!

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  • Spanish
  • Query Analysis
  • Writing Critique
  • Query Letter
  • Synopsis Writing
  • History
  • Museum Studies
  • Beta Reading

Get started working with Audrey quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Audrey quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get a full developmental edit on your 50k-90k novel

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Endorsements from past clients

"Audrey helped me with developmental edits on my contemporary romance novel. The feedback and suggestions she gave were spot on and really helped me hone the main idea of my story into what I wanted it to be from the start. She gives extremely thorough notes, providing thoughtful edits that stayed true to my voice and ideas, just made them shine more. I'd be thrilled to work with her again and definitely recommend her services!"

Haleigh W. | Author
Developmental Editing Jan 2023


"I hired Audrey to perform editorial work for my literary agency clients. She's a gifted, highly resourceful and instinctive editor, whose keen eye proved pivotal to the success of countless manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction), which have gone on to sell to publishing houses big and small. Her structural edits in both plot and character arc are unparalleled, as are her eagle-eyed line edits. Her editorial style is both respectful and nurturing, yet direct and matter-of-fact. She possesses the spark of leadership, creative ability, writing-craft knowledge and story-telling instinct to steer authors at any level to success. She a an absolute pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for all your editorial needs!"

Colleen O. | Literary Agent
Manuscript Editing Jan 2023


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