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Dialogflow Chatbot using NodeJS, Python

I am an Electrical Engineer. I have been working as an Assistant Professor in Government Engineering College. Chatbot development experience with Google Dialogflow. I can create webhooks using Python and NodeJS, and I prefer NodeJS because it is excellently documented by the Google Developer Team. I have expertise in (1) Google Dialogflow, Actions on Google (2) Webhook using NodeJS, Python (3) Deploying webhook on Heroku, Google Apps (4) Integration of Dialogflow Chatbot to SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc. (5) Developing Independent Integration for Dialogflow I am developing myself towards AI. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. I have done my Masters in Electrical, specialization in Power System. I have done two major projects (1) Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm (2) Reactive Power Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm Both projects were done using MATLAB. I have published the following papers (1) Matlab implementation of LinkNet structure. (National Conference) (2) Economic load dispatch solution using the Genetic Algorithm. (International Conference) (3) Simulation and Analysis of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter using Single DC source. (International Journal) (4) Reactive Power Optimization using Genetic Algorithm. (International Conference) I have a fair amount of industrial experience. On the other hand, I am a musician, a guitarist. Regards, Raj Kapadia Enjoy the life, feel the music. Peace.
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  • OpenCV
  • Chatbot Development
  • Google Assistant
  • RESTful API
  • Machine Learning
  • Dialogflow API
  • WhatsApp
  • Chat & Messaging Software
  • Python