Abdullah A.
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Amazon Advertisement Consultant | Amazon Accredited PPC Manager

'PAY TO PLAY' This is the rule on Amazon. In 2023 without crushing Amazon PPC Advertisements the survival is impossible. To win this fight for survival you’ll need me to expand your business on Amazon through PPC Advertisements Raise your hand if you find the Amazon Advertisement Platform difficult to understand and don't have a proper Marketing Strategy in place to grow on the platform. DON'T PANIC, YOU'RE NOT ALONE. The Amazon Platform is evolving every day and 99% of the Sellers, Brands, and Consultants are not able to keep up with the changes and after trying a few months they become frustrated and think this is not going to work for their brand. This is how I can help. Step 1: Start with an account and niche audit to understand the strengths and gaps of your Business. Step 2: An Amazon PPC Audit to understand the current PPC strategy and identify the gaps in the strategy. Step 3: Prepare a solid PPC Plan to grow the Brand month over month. Step 4: Set up PPC Campaigns to implement the PPC Plan. Step 5: Optimise and Report Growth. Step 6: GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH One can't help everyone so before apply, please make sure that you meet some minimum requirements: - You don't expect overnight results on Amazon - You have a minimum Ad Spend from $2000/month and more - ASINS are live on Amazon and ready to advertise - Your products have at least 10 positive reviews - You are ready for a long-term step-by-step expansion - You want to hand over your Amazon Advertising on a turn-key basis Meet all the above criteria? Great! Let's work together and start growing your brand on Amazon. Regards, Abdullah Awais

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