moaz L.
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Amazon PPC-SEO-EBC-Shopify|eBay|Etsy|Walmart listing|Dropshipping

If you are about to put your online store in danger 🛍️ By hiring a guy who will take your online store through the 100% risk stage 🚀 It’s like traveling on the Titanic 🚢 Which is unsinkable only by its name 🏷️ Most agency owners want to showcase their potential to clients 🌟 Within 1 to 2 months and start generating too many sales from Day 1 💰 But I believe in slow quality over quantity ✨ I will make your store profitable for lifetime success 💼 Without taking shortcuts and putting your store at risk ⚠️ So you can earn passive income with no struggle 💸 ✦✦✦With my 12 years of experience✦✦✦ I've seen many clients who want to enter this business 📈 Only to allocate proper time to their families 👪 And what if you take the step of hiring the agency and lose all your dreams with a suspension message ❌ That’s why instead of relying on shortcuts, I always prefer to work within the legal terms and policies of each platform 📜 Whether it’s ✦ Amazon FBA Private Label ✦ eBay Wholesale Dropshipping ✦ Shopify Store Creation and Dropshipping ✦ Walmart & Etsy Dropshipping Program Or building a business on all platforms You will receive all the necessary support according to the policies of the platforms 🛠️ And you know it will be profitable for both of us 💼 I’m even willing to work with you on profit sharing instead of fees 💸 Because I know my potential in the ecommerce field 💼 ✦ In eBay Wholesale Dropshipping or 3PL ✦ You will receive proper 📦 Knowledge of third-party logistics principles and practices. 📊 Experience in inventory management to ensure accurate stock levels and availability. 🚚 Capability to coordinate shipping logistics with 3PL providers for efficient order fulfillment. 🔍 Familiarity with eBay's platform and policies regarding 3PL operations. ✦ For eBay Dropshipping ✦ 🔍 Market research expertise to identify profitable niches and products. 💻 Proficiency in optimizing eBay listings for maximum visibility and sales. 📦 Ability to manage order fulfillment efficiently, including timely shipping and tracking. 💬 Strong customer service skills to address inquiries, resolve issues, and maintain positive feedback. ✦ For Amazon Private Label FBA: ✦ 💡 Skills in product sourcing and supplier management for private label products. 📊 Proficiency in creating and optimizing Amazon listings for higher rankings and conversions. 📦 Knowledge of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) processes and inventory management. 📣 Experience in PPC advertising and promotions to drive traffic and sales to private label products. ✦ For Shopify Dropshipping: ✦ 🔍 Ability to source trending products and suppliers for Shopify stores. 🖥️ Competence in setting up and customizing Shopify stores for optimal user experience. 📣 Marketing skills to implement effective strategies such as social media marketing and influencer collaborations. 📦 Level of expertise in order processing, payment gateways, and customer support within the Shopify platform. ✦ For Walmart and Etsy Dropshipping: ✦ 🔍 Understanding of Walmart and Etsy platforms, including listing requirements and policies. 📝 Skills in optimizing product listings on Walmart and Etsy for visibility and conversion. 🚚 Experience in coordinating order fulfillment and shipping logistics across multiple platforms. 💬 Strong customer service abilities to maintain positive reviews and handle inquiries well.
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  • Microsoft Excel
  • eBay Listing
  • eBay Marketing
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • Dropshipping
  • Bulk Marketing
  • CSS 3
  • HTML5
  • Shopify