Temitayo M.
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Direct Response Copywriter for SaaS and Agency Landing Page & Website

Finally! Bold, Exciting & Engaging Words that gets customers trooping in the door First I must tell you; I’m the best, but underpaid copywriter in the world 🌎! And this might be your only chance to exploit me! I'm a direct response copywriter with 3 years+ experience writing copy for e-commerce, crypto-based businesses, digital agencies and affiliates marketing brands. A direct response copywriter in a nutshell; focuses on inciting action using words and boy, could I force a smile out of your customer 😉 : I am a results oriented wordsmith, and the fact that I'm Nigerian means 70% doesn't count as an "A" where I come from. Only the top 90% 😂 I focus my copies on 🎯 Click through rates 🎯 Conversion rates 🎯 Retention rates 🎯 and other analytical components to achieve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Just like I have done for others, I will write copy that generates revenue and bring customers to your store or website or wherever you wish to send them using these strategies 👇 ( ➡️ inbound writing & marketing strategies ➡️ outbound writing & marketing strategies (please let it be to your websites or your store 😬, I won’t be sending any customer to anyone's bedroom 😉). Whether you are a medium-sized business or a tiny finger-pinch startup with a big dream, or a super large business, I can help you achieve your goals. ◦ I will write your sales letter & sales pages with focus on optimizing conversions. ◦ I will write your product descriptions for e-commerce store listings. ◦ I will write your inbound & outbound email marketing copy. ◦ I will fully manage the copywriting for your high-conversion sales funnels. (Okay, that was a show-off 🙄 , but what’s the point if a "sales funnel" is not highly converting? 🤷🏻‍♂️) ◦ I will participate fully in your automated email design & email sequence processes, but most importantly ◦ I will bring positive improvements to your business' bottom-line (you probably won't pay me if I couldn't do that) I have been on teams, that were short on staff; hence I have had experiences multitasking and serving in various capacities; including; ➡️ S.E.O & Blog Posts/Article Writing ➡️ Social Media Copywriting- with emphasis on LinkedIn & Instagram & Facebook- focusing my writing efforts on organic leads generation ➡️ Product Description- for e-commerce and DTC brands ➡️ Email copywriting and Designs Using Email Clients, Canva & Figma- for welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, promotional emails and coupon redeeming emails and ➡️ I have participated in designing "Overall Digital Marketing Strategy" for growth stage businesses. Multi-tasking and being highly productive is hard to juggle, but I managed it- so I guess you could imagine me as a words-hero 🦸, I am still yet to choose a name 😂 , what do you think about "Super-words"? rhymes with Super-man?. My experiences as stated earlier have contributed to my wide range of skills thus adding to my knowledge of the synergy amongst different digital marketing & sales departments In a nutshell, I understand how the wheels 🛞 turn and why the wheels turn when you simply add a little gasoline to the engine. (That however doesn’t mean I’m a great mechanic 🧑‍🔧, I have no idea where the oil goes in a car 😂) To be honest, getting a bulk load of digital certificates (which is very available on my LinkedIn Profile 🙄) is easier than real-life experience- at least it was easy for me. But the truth is, you'll meet a lot of wordsmiths or writers who will promise you heaven & earth; And I’m sure that what you need is someone who can analyze your current business standpoint based on; ◦ Your business short-term goals ◦ Your individual goals ◦ Your business overall plans for your bottom-line And someone who can address your specific target audience with copy & content to achieve the model listed below religiously! ✅Build 'Awareness' Of The Products/Service You Offer to Clients ✅ Stimulate 'Interest' ✅ Generate and Incite 'Desire', but most importantly ✅ Elicit 'Action' And sometimes these can be, your business increasing sales by 30% before the end of this month, or growth to your email subscribers list by 10% weekly, or downloads of your Apps by 50% more people every two weeks So, if this is what you seek, I believe I have great communication skills and can help you get your message to the right people. But let me be clear, regular communication is very important for me to have success with your project. So what do you say to us keeping in touch? Hit me up! I am already eager to work with you right now and more importantly, to communicate with your customers! 🤩 So, give me this chance to help you make some money & hypnotize your customers to grab their wallets & cards 💳 while pleading with you to let them have a taste of your product & services. We'll do this while helping them feel like they made the best decisions of their lives!.
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Get started working with Temitayo quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Temitayo quickly with these predefined projects.

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You will get a highly converting landing page, home page & product page

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