Anna M.

Graphic designer | Photographer | Retoucher

Hello there! I'm Anna, a budding graphic designer, photographer, and retoucher with a zeal for creativity and an eye for detail. Graphic design mastery: With a solid foundation in graphic design principles, I specialize in creating captivating visuals that not only meet but exceed clients' expectations. Whether it's designing eye-catching logos, sleek print materials, or engaging social media graphics, I bring ideas to life with a touch of innovation. Photography expertise: As a photographer, I capture moments with a blend of artistry and technical precision. From stunning portraits to dynamic landscapes, my lens tells stories. Each photo is a unique piece of visual storytelling, crafted to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression. Retouching perfection: My skills extend to the art of retouching, where I enhance and refine images with precision. From subtle adjustments to transformative edits, I ensure that every photo meets the highest standards, creating a polished and professional visual narrative. What sets me apart: Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator). Strong grasp of color theory and typography for impactful designs. Versatility in creating graphics for print, web, and social media. Dedication to maintaining brand identities and delivering top-notch visual solutions. Let's collaborate: I am enthusiastic about collaborating with clients who appreciate the power of compelling visuals. Whether you have a specific design project in mind or need a creative mind to brainstorm ideas, I am here to bring your vision to reality. Let's embark on a creative journey together! Feel free to reach out, and let's discuss how we can make this world better)


  • Retouching & Enhancement
  • Fashion Retouch
  • UX & UI Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Identity
  • Photo Retouching
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Storytelling