Wajeeh Ul H.
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
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Python Developer | AI Engineer | LLM Expert

I am Wajeeh, a Top Ranked AI Engineer & your trusted AI Development Partner, as well as a Full Stack Developer. With extensive experience in custom AI solutions, I have delivered solid outcomes to over 300 customers, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies. 🏆 With over 8 years of experience in AI & ML, web, and mobile technology, I excel in team collaboration and solution brainstorming. As an AI Engineer and Full Stack Developer, I am enthusiastic about learning emerging technologies to overcome challenges in the realm of applied Artificial Intelligence. I also possess an extensive skill set covering a spectrum of Python frameworks, ready to elevate your projects to new heights. My proficiency includes Django, Flask, Pyramid, FastAPI, Tornado, and CherryPy, along with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs of web development. 🌟Here are my areas of expertise in Deep Learning & AI: ✅ CNN, GoogLeNet, VGGNet, and ResNet for Image Classification ✅ F-RCNN, YOLO, SSD, and R-FCN for Object Detection ✅ SAE and CNN, FCNT, MDNET for Object Tracking ✅ DeepLab, RefineNet for Semantic Segmentation ✅ Mask RCNN for Instance Segmentation ✅ GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Azure Open AI ✅ 3D Object Segmentation and Detection ✅ 3D Reconstruction ✅ Image Enhancement techniques like Denoising, Demosaicing, HDR, Sharpening, and Gamma Correction 🌟AI Engineer Proficient in Machine Learning techniques: ✅ Algorithms such as KNN, K-MEAN, DBSCAN, and MEAN SHIFT ✅ Data cleaning, handling missing values, and selecting the best features ✅ Prediction models employing logistic regression, linear regression, decision trees, random forests, Naive Bayes, and SVM ✅ Graphical analysis using matplotlib 🌟AI Engineer with specialization in NLP: ✅ Sentiment Analysis ✅ Sentence Segmentation ✅ Automatic Punctuation ✅ Converting unstructured data into structured data 🌟A glance at the technology stack: ✅ AI Engineer & Full Stack Development Expert 🔥 Python, C++, Flask, Docker ✅ AI Engineer with expertise in Machine Learning 🔥 PyTorch, TensorFlow, Theano, Deeplearning4j, Sonnet, Salesforce Einstein, Apache MXNet, Amazon SageMaker, OpenCV, MATLAB, Databricks, MLflow, Kubeflow, PyBrain, Keras, Chainer, deeplearn.js, MLflow, TextBlob, Google AutoML, RapidMiner ✅ AI Engineer with multiple Deep Learning Projects 🔥 PyTorch, TensorFlow, Theano, Deeplearning4j, Sonnet, Apache MXNet, Open Neural Network, Exchange, BigDL, Keras, deeplearn.js ✅ AI Engineer with multiple Object Detection & Computer Vision Projects 🔥 OpenCV, Open3D, VisualSLAM, OpenMVG, FFMPEG ✅ Cloud Solutions 🔥 Cloud Computer, Vertex AI, Cloud SQL, Cloud Functions, AWS ✅ Generative AI 🔥 Open AI, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras With my extensive experience and diverse skill set as both an AI Engineer and a Full Stack Developer, I am ready to take your projects to new heights.

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  • Model Testing & Optimization
  • Object Detection
  • Image Analysis
  • ChatGPT
  • OpenCV
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Machine Learning
  • Generative AI
  • Chatbot

Get started working with Wajeeh Ul quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Wajeeh Ul quickly with these predefined projects.

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