Hung D.
Da NangVietnam

Mobile Developer

I am a Senior Android Developer with over 9 years of experience in creating robust, user-friendly, and high-performance Android applications. My expertise extends beyond Android development, as I possess substantial knowledge in backend development, enabling me to build comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. My goal is to deliver top-tier applications that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Skills and Expertise: - Android Development: Proficient in Java and Kotlin, with extensive experience in building applications from the ground up, optimizing for performance, and integrating third-party libraries and APIs. - UI/UX Design: Adept at designing intuitive, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces that enhance user experience. - Backend Development: Skilled in various backend technologies, including Java, Python and NodeJS, with experience in developing RESTful APIs, managing databases (SQL and NoSQL), and ensuring secure and scalable server-side operations. - Full-Stack Integration: Capable of bridging the gap between frontend and backend development to create seamless, integrated solutions. - Agile Methodology: Experienced in Agile and Scrum methodologies, ensuring efficient project management and timely delivery. - Version Control: Proficient in using Git for version control and collaboration with development teams. - Testing and Debugging: Strong ability in testing (unit testing, integration testing) and debugging to ensure high-quality code and performance. Why choose me: - Holistic Approach: My dual expertise in Android and backend development allows me to provide a holistic approach to application development, ensuring all components work harmoniously. - Quality Assurance: I am committed to writing clean, maintainable code and rigorously testing my applications to deliver bug-free, high-quality products. - Client-Centric: I prioritize understanding client needs and translating them into effective solutions, maintaining clear and consistent communication throughout the project lifecycle. - Continuous Learning: I stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to bring innovative solutions to your projects. Let's bring your ideas to life with exceptional Android applications and robust backend systems. I'm here to turn your vision into reality!
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