Ghozali Suhariyanto H.
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Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist

It has been around 15 YEARS for me working on mobile robots, e-VTOL UAV (drones), RF Microwave sensing (i.e. UWB and FMCW RADAR), IoT, and Embedded systems in general. ☑In Upwork, I have helped prototyping some various projects on IoT and embedded systems like: ✅ IoT Dairy Farm, ✅ IoT Breast Pump, ✅ Automatic hydroponics, ✅ Vending Machine, ✅ Mars Robot, ✅ Personal IoT box ✅ LED, LCD, addressable RGB strip, ✅ Micro/active/passive buzzers ✅ and some IoT/embedded systems projects. ☑I'm familiar with various hardware including: ✅ Various Arduino boards, ✅ SBCs (Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Latte Panda, Odroid, Onion, etc), ✅ STM32, ✅ AVR (ATMEGA, ATXMEGA), ✅ ARM Cortex, ✅ ESP32/ESP8266, ✅ Nordic nRF52 (e.g. nRF52840), CC2650 ✅ SDR/USRP, ✅ TI mmWave Radar (e.g. AWR2243). ☑I'm fluent with various IDEs such as: ✅ ArduinoIDE, ✅PlatformIO/VSCode, ✅STM32CubeIDE, ✅Keil IDE, and programming languages like ✅C/C++, ✅Python, and ✅Matlab. ☑ My main expertises are: ✅ PCB design (high-speed, Flexible, Rigid-Flex, multi-layer) and ✅ firmware programming. ☑ I'm also familiar with AWS cloud services: ✅IoT core AWS ✅S3 ✅Lambda ✅MQTT/HTTP API ✅REST API Gateway ☑ Lastly, I have done various AI/machine learning projects where I'm familiar with: ✅Keras ✅TensorFlow ✅PyTorch.

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  • ESP32
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Technical Report
  • Internet of Things Solutions Design
  • Arduino Firmware
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electronic Design
  • RF Design