Chinmaya S.
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AI / Machine Learning Engineer

I have 5 years of professional experience in machine learning, data mining and backend development, with a focus on AI and NLP, utilizing LLM models with Knowledge Graph RAG systems. My primary expertise lies in building systems that derive precise insights from raw, unstructured text, video, and audio data. Having mostly worked with startups, I enjoy the dynamism of wearing multiple hats. I am seeking a role that blends AI/ML with aspects of backend development and data science. I also know React although I am not an expert in it, since my focus is AI. Additionally, I have experience in the financial markets and trading platforms. I’ve utilized OpenAI, Claude models, and Llama models to develop Knowledge Graph RAG systems that quickly understand market sentiments. I have also employed NLP with pre-trained models like BERT, GPT-3, and Transformers for: - Sentiment analysis and predicting the hype around company stocks and crypto tokens from Twitter and Reddit threads and scraped websites - Employing prompt engineering with ChatGPT to identify keywords in social media posts. - Categorizing conversations and mapping them to the corresponding stock tokens. - Developing forecasting models for price prediction. I look forward to the possibility of working together
Work history

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  • PyTorch
  • Web Scraping
  • Serverless Stack
  • ETL Pipeline
  • Plotly
  • Dash
  • AWS CloudFront