Rita L.


Many people have high hopes in the field of their chosen profession, and I am no different. However, with my high hopes, I also have high anxiety, and thus, my work takes a little longer than expected. Although I am just starting off, I do expect when asked to complete a task, that communication is of high importance. Not everybody has the ability to receive a few words to get a full understanding. My main trait is, I am unable to stop what I am doing until I have completed the task, or project that I have begun unless someone tells me 'its time for a break,' and I still find it difficult to stop. On paper, I am better able to communicate than if I were face to face with anyone, as I observe more than I speak. Opinions is another one of my traits, as I seem to have many...for this reason, I would probably be well suited to reviewing. I guess without trying any of this, I will never know what I am good at, so don't hesitate to ask me of anything that you may want me to do.


  • Creative Writing