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In around 2011, I kicked off my Copywriting adventure, churning out over 5,165,970 words up to this day. Back in 2013, I received a 'Performance Award' from Elance in the Writing and Translation category. At the time, this was a huge achievement for me, but now, it doesn't carry quite the same weight. Throughout the years, I've had the pleasure of teaming up with many wonderful folks. But if you were to ask me now what grand achievements life has in store, I'd humbly admit it's a bit of a head-scratcher. I've come to truly appreciate the value of money, having weathered some tight financial spots myself. Interestingly, these days, the line between having money and not doesn't seem as sharp. A slice of my earnings goes toward a noble cause – planting trees and nurturing my unique poverty-fighting endeavors. I'm a fervent advocate for work that's kind to the environment and chips away at the wealth divide. And when one of my leafy friends decides to bloom, I eagerly snap a pic to show the client. The earnings from their project not only supported my tree but also brought it to life with vibrant flowers and the gift of oxygen over the years. Let's join forces and create something remarkable together.
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Get started working with Biddrup quickly with these predefined projects.

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