Saad A.
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Python Developer | ML Engineer | Automation Expert

🧠 Machine Learning, Deep Learning, 📊 Data Engineering & Data Wrangling, 🐍 Python, Data Analysis, 🌐 Web Scraping, 💻 Bash Scripting, 👁️ Computer Vision. Hello, I'm Saad, a tech enthusiast with solid industry experience for the past years. I excel in innovative problem-solving, thrive in collaborative team environments, and stay at the forefront of technology trends. Let's connect and leverage my skills to bring success to your projects! 👨‍💻 **Detailed Services**: 1. **Machine Learning & Deep Learning**: 🧠 I offer services in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, using Python and popular libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. I can help you build, train, and deploy models for a variety of applications. 2. **Data Engineering & Data Wrangling**: 📊 With expertise in Pandas, Scikit-learn, and Numpy, I provide services in data engineering and wrangling. I can help you clean, transform, and analyze your data to extract valuable insights. 3. **Python & Data Analysis**: 🐍 As a Python developer, I can write efficient, clean code for your data analysis needs. I can help you analyze and visualize your data to make data-driven decisions. 4. **Web Scraping / Data Scraping**: 🌐 I offer web scraping services to extract data from websites and online sources. I can help you gather the data you need for your projects. 5. **Bash Scripting / Shell Scripting**: 💻 I provide services in Bash and Shell scripting. I can help you automate tasks, manage files, and configure systems. 6. **Computer Vision (Object Detection)**: 👁️ I offer services in Computer Vision, specifically in Object Detection. I can help you develop systems that can identify and classify objects in images or video. I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

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  • SQL
  • Beautiful Soup
  • FastAPI
  • Next.js
  • User Authentication
  • Postman