Responsive Web Design Specialist | HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React Expert

👩‍💻 HTML, 🎨 CSS, 🚀 Bootstrap, 🔌 JavaScript (React Js) Hi! I’m Sagar Bharvadiya, a Frontend UI Developer with a strong passion for creating pixel-perfect and responsive user interfaces. With years of experience and numerous projects under my belt, I specialize in transforming design mockups into interactive and user-friendly web experiences. My expertise lies in coding with scalability and performance in mind, ensuring every line of code contributes to aesthetically pleasing and fully functional websites and web apps. From small business sites to large-scale enterprise applications, I’ve worked at varying levels of complexity. Dedicated to lifelong learning, I continuously update my skills to stay on top of the latest in frontend technologies. I strive to deliver top-notch solutions that exceed expectations while strictly adhering to best coding practices and standards. 👩‍💻 **HTML** Utilizing semantic, maintainable, and reusable code to craft the foundation of web pages. 🎨 **CSS** Styling web pages with precision, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness. 🚀 **Bootstrap** Leveraging Bootstrap frameworks to accelerate development and ensure consistency across devices. 🔌 **JavaScript (React Js)** Developing dynamic and interactive user interfaces with React Js for a seamless user experience. Let’s turn your ideas into a digital reality. Contact me to begin crafting exceptional user experiences together!


  • SCSS
  • Responsive Design
  • jQuery Mobile
  • React Bootstrap
  • PSD to HTML
  • jQuery