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✋ “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant” Powerful visualizations can make your content stand out and get noticed in this huge flow of data. You are here because you know that. This is true for all of the information, not only on the internet. We live in an age of information and competition for your audience’s attention is fierce. With information overload, your clients or partners have to choose which content is worth reading. That's why they’re skimming, and this is how the majority of readers will interact with your content. So the main goal of your business is to draw attention and convey the essence of the message in a few seconds. It is a fact that vision is the strongest form of input that we use to perceive the world around us. People remember pictures better than words, especially over longer periods of time. ⚡ THAT'S WHY AN INFOGRAPHIC IS A DECISION. An infographic can help to demonstrate your expertise in an industry and build your credibility; help your audience remember your message or motivate to take an action; give your investors a clear picture of the state of the business; simplify the understanding of complex corporate data or help you to maximize the number of views, visitors, and backlinks. But it is true only for a good infographic. Getting the data visualizations wrong can kill your credibility just as quickly and demonstrate your lack of expertise in your subject area. For the last three years of specializing in infographics I found a couple of ⛔ MAIN MISTAKES that DESIGNERS MAKE: ▸ Too much information. When this happens, the readers usually give up and don’t spend the time to figure out the message. Just tell one story really well, don’t try to tell a bunch of small stories. ▸ Too much text. The text-only data is often skipped and ignored by the reader because it wasn’t important enough to visualize. The less text you include in your design, the more people you can reach. ▸ Wrong data visualizations. Such infographics can be perceived ambiguously and lead to false conclusions of the reader or just will not be convincing. To avoid this, the designer must have enough time and creativity to choose the right visualization. This is far from an exhaustive list of pitfalls in infographic creation - from the data collection to the publication. And this is where I can help you. ✅ TESTIMONIALS FROM MY HAPPY CLIENTS (taken directly from my Upwork profile): "Oleh is an incredibly gifted designer who turned a high-quality infographic around for my team in no time at all. He took the creative guidelines and used them to produce a brilliant layout that exceeded all of our expectations for the design." "Oleh was a pleasure to work with and was very professional. He quickly provided me with a date of when he expected the work to be completed by and he kept me updated during the whole process. The finished infographic was very detailed and I was very happy with the design. " "He is an exceptionally creative and highly skilled designer, who delivers high-quality customized infographics." ✅ WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: Infographics, charts, schemes, diagrams, icons, landing pages, Powerpoint presentations, and templates. Furthermore, I can freely mix all of this. We both know that an infographic is not about making your data pretty. it is about increasing the number of views, loyal clients, and competence in the industry. So if you want someone who has your end goal in mind - feel free to contact me using one of the buttons at the top of the page. Cheers, Oleh

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Get started working with Oleh quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Oleh quickly with these predefined projects.

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