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Are your open rates below 20%? Are your clients telling you that your emails end up in spam? There is a solution. My name is Jan Lesanovsky, I am an email deliverabilty specialist with over 5 years of experience in email marketing. If you are struggling with getting your emails in front of your clients, I have the experience you need to fix it for you. I send 100,000s of emails every month on behalf of my clients and have a successful method to increase single-digit open rates to 40%+. I will review your current email setup, identify the potential deliverability problems with mailbox providers that are causing poor inbox placement, create an action plan to improve the condition, and undertake the whole process for you. I will help you to: ✔️ Get emails to inbox of your clients ✔️ Solve your delivery problems ✔️ Stop missing opportunities because your emails don't get to your clients Every email that is filtered into spam is an opportunity lost. I've seen great messages miss their audience because they never made it into their inbox. And the fix can sometimes be surprisingly easy. Get in touch with me for a free consultation to discuss how we can get your emails straight into your clients’ inbox. What do clients tell about me? Here is a feedback that I have received from people that I worked with outside Upwork: You Jan, are worth all the Gold in Switzerland! Thank you. Cheers, P.K. You do provide a great level of service. Excellent work! J.R. You’ve given me hope for a better future and renewed faith that there are still good people in the world. A.B.


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Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Jan in Feb 2020 to improve the deliverability of my email, which I use both for personal and business purposes and which, in many cases, used to end up in SPAM folder of many receivers. Jan did a thorough check of many settings with the email provider, which alone was a pretty complicated task and definitely needed very high expertise, which Jan absolutely does posses. After that, he spent about 2-3 days tweaking many variables with my email provider and after 3 days my emails stopped ending up in SPAM for many people to whom it used to end in spam before. So there was a significant improvement of deliverability and I can highly recommend Jan if you need to move your emails from SPAM or PROMOTION tabs to the MAIN tabs of your receivers. 5 stars out of 5."

Tomas N.
Email deliverability audit Mar 2020