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I offer high quality translation services in the areas English to Swedish and Swedish to English, as well as SEO copywriting, and regular content writing in both languages. I am a native Swedish speaker who've been exposed to English since early childhood. My close family has roots in England, and was therefore determined that I learn the language from an early age. This, in addition to my formal English education, lasting approximately 10 years (through the ages 9 to 19), my personal interest in English and American literature, as well as having been consistently exposed to English and American culture and jargon as a result of its strong cultural influence (particularly through everyday internet usage, and international friendships), has produced an English proficiency comparable to that of a native. I acknowledge the fact that translation-work requires not only a profound mastery in the language from which you translate, and the language into which you're translating, but also: - A thorough understanding of the relationship between idiomatic expressions and how they correlate with each other in each respective language. - Being knowledgeable within the subject matter of the text being translated. - Knowing when to use literal translations, and when to paraphrase, that is, distinguishing which method best fits each particular case. - Familiarity with the culture surrounding the language you're translating to, and from. - Acknowledging that translation is a very complex field and that anybody is bound to make errors, even the most adept translators. (Therefore one must earnestly analyze one's work, and not fall into the traps of 'good enough'). If you choose to work with me, the job will be performed with meticulous adherence to a high standard of quality, and with an uncompromising work ethic. The job will always be finished on time. I'm attending university at the moment so my working hours are currently restricted to 40 hours per week. Hope to hear from you soon!

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