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Optimise your WordPress website with expert speed optimization process after getting an analysis of Pagespeed Insights - core web vitals / Gtmetrix and an estimate of time and cost. Fulfill the Gtmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom standards / core web vitals , as speed has become a vital aspect of SEO. No one wants to sit and watch the loading screen, especially your customers. Let us get things on track with the zero downtime WordPress speed optimisation whichever the hosting may be! Website speed Optimization(90 Plus score and under 2 secs load time), Building responsive mobile WordPress sites that load fast and are configured correctly for search engine optimization (SEO) are my core focus. Many of my sites are in the top search results. Not only speed optimisation in WordPress websites, be it plugin development, patches or fixes, theme design, customization, domain migration, protection from Hack and server setup - I enjoy working on projects with The WordPress Team that cares about creating quality. Basically I'm a Wordpress Web Developer with extensive experience in building high quality WordPress websites. My experience on htaccess files, servers, in depth Wordpress customisation along with web development integrates to provide unique solutions to speed up Wordpress sites by optimising without changing the design / layout / functionality. My love to have good communication with my clients helps to deliver above their expectation to make their dream a reality.( You can refer with my clients too ;). They are friendly as well). Building long term relationships with clients is very important to me and am happy to work closely with any existing freelancers you work with.I am currently open for Full time or Part time Jobs on any challenging project. I look forward to hear from you! Frequently Asked Questions How I fix Core Web Vitals with WordPress Speed Optimization ? I usually work on the following aspects in your WordPress website to achieve proper loading and response times and improve core web vitals and Gtmetrix scores: ✅ Browser Cache Configuration ✅ Server Cache Configuration ✅ Cache Preloading Configuration ✅ CDN Setup and Configuration ✅ Minifying JS/CSS/HTML files ✅ GZIP File Compression ✅ Lazy Loading Implementation ✅ Image Size Optimization ✅ Image Webp format conversion (Optional) ✅ Woocommerce optimization ✅ Database Cleanup and optimization ✅ 404 Checks & Fix (All) ✅ Disable Heartbeat (Optional) ✅ Deferring Unused JS/CSS ✅ Inline & Combine JS/CSS ✅ PHP Version Update (Optional, VPS or Dedicated servers only) ✅ Blocking Harmful Crawlers (Optional) ✅ Font Loading Optimization ✅ Image Hotlink Protection (Optional) ✅ Hosting Migration (Optional) Moreover I look into the reports to identify custom issues causing performance issues in your website specifically and resolve them. Speed up your WordPress webites so that they’re not just faster but fastest with your existing functionalities and design. Let me analyse the potential of your website, and provide the scope and estimate of time and cost. Any Guarantee ? Yes my estimate is a guaranteed. I will fix Page Speed Insights score, Core Web Vitals - LCP, CLS, FCP and TBT with guaranteed Load Speed improvement . I will make your website faster, minimum to the estimated value with money back guarantee. Get the potential of Google Page Speed Insight score / Gtmetrix score now ! Are plugins necessary ? Wordpress Optimization / Caching Plugins like WP Rocket , Autoptimize, W3cache, WP fastest cache and many more are doing a good job but only when the right plugin is used with the right configuration.Only the plugins cannot resolve the issues. But performance optimization involves more than just the speed optimization plugins like server configuration, right level of preloads, image optimisation, elimination of redundant scripts, stylesheets , fonts / images as each Wordpress website is unique in its configuration. It involves time consuming manual work excluding the plugins. Should we follow the Google Page Speed Insights / Core Web Vital guidelines ? What Google wants is what your website’s users want for an optimal User Experience. Simply stated, the user’s perception of speed is by-far the most important performance attributes. This is, of course, why Google is so adamant about optimizing the above-the-fold content as a part of the Core Web vitals in Page speed insights and also why Google so highly favors websites that have implemented Progressive Rendering to the fullest extent possible.

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