Eri O.
San AntonioUnited States
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MD, MSc in Data Science, AI, & Clinical Informatics

Hey y’all 👋 I'm Eri, a physician-informatician in training at UT Health San Antonio with professional experience in health informatics, medical data science, and applied medical AI. I'm a resident physician and graduate from the first (and only) combined MD and Masters in Artificial Intelligence program in the United States. Throughout my medical training, I've witnessed how the synergy between medicine and technology grows stronger over time, and we need the right players at the interface to know how to connect the two in order to deliver the best care for patients. My skills are: 1. Data insights - Exploratory data analysis - Data wrangling, cleaning, tidying - Feature engineering - Descriptive summary statistics and other analyses - Data visualization (Markdown, Power BI, Plotly) 2. Artificial intelligence - Machine learning (random forests, logistic regression, xgboost, etc., for classification or regression tasks) - Deep learning (Tensorflow/Keras, PyTorch, Open AI) - Explainable AI (SHAP, LIME) - MLOps (Weights & Biases) 3. Data engineering (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) - ETL - Database management (SQL and NoSQL, such as MongoDB) 4. “Omics” analysis - Clinical data analysis - Genomic/transcriptomic/proteomics data visualization and analysis - Grant- and publication-quality data visualization, analysis, and interpretation


  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Machine Learning
  • R
  • PyTorch
  • Medical Informatics